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Arkari residents warn against further delay in opening road

The people of the cut-off area held a protest demonstration at the helipad set up in Safed Arkari against the government for not clearing the only road to the area of snow and boulders. Led by village council chairman Sher Muhammad, the protesters including women said that the local administration had reserved only one tractor to clear the road blocked by over 46 avalanches. They said that the people were stranded in the valley which has no basic facilities of life including schools, hospitals or even a dispensary. The area was also facing a severe shortage of food items. The protesters were carrying placards and banners while most of the women were holding lanterns and candles to show the lack of facilities such as electricity etc. After demanding that the government should take practical and urgent steps to open the road, the protesters dispersed peacefully.]]>

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  1. Issa Khan Momi says

    Great job done by Farooqi sb, we on behalf of the whole valley thank and salute you for highlighting the long needed basic right of the people of Arkari valley. This is the real meaning of professional journalism to highlight the issues of suppressed people and give strength to their voice for their basic rights with out getting any credit. Thanks again.

  2. Shams says

    Great job done by Mr Farouqi. Of course Arkari is one of the most neglected and backward areas of Chitral, the main reason of backwardness is non availability of road. It is evident that on annual basis, number of people especially women are losing their lives due to non access to hospitals. About 30 years ago, a jeebable road that is hardly 12 feet wide was constructed with the financial support of District Council Chitral, till date no arrangements have been made for the widening of this road, although the length of the road is hardly 25km. If financial assistance up to 25 million is allocated to the local community organizations then the road can easily be rehabilitated. Due to negligence of the government no attention is given towards this backward area.

  3. Dr. Khalil (Jughooru) says

    Great work Farooqi sahab! .. No Chitrali has dared to work that hard to convey the message of romote areas of Chitral. Rest of the reporters are ducking in Manqals in Chitral .. well done

  4. Sher Afzal says

    you are always highlighting the voices of marginalized and helpless people. Unfortunately. This is one of the totally ignored valley in Chitral never get the attention of so-called politician and district administrative as well. T

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