Chitrali environment activists clean Shakarparian

CHEPS chairman Rehmat Ali said if proper measures for clean and green Pakistan were not taken the country would have serious consequences. He said his organization had been working to create awareness among the people in the country about their responsibilities towards preservation of environment and cleanliness. In doing so, volunteers and the media have been in the forefront. He also said every eco-friendly citizen of Pakistan should at least plant a tree to create a clean and green environment. Mr. Karam Ali (educationist) who is the founder member CHEPS and Mr. Basharat Hussain (research analyst) were among the participants who shared their thoughts with the participants particularly volunteers and students, encouraging them to carry on the wonderful work and how they can illuminate and spread the message. It was emphasized that this mission should be carried on at individual level practically at home, in the society and institution level. Students from different Educational Institutes carrying banners, play cards with messaged about clean and green Pakistan. They went around the park carrying plastic bags and picked plastic bags, wrappers, bottles and other waste and discard them in proper places and dustbins. CHEPS volunteers from the twin cities pledged their continued support for environment-friendly activities and ensured that they will actively participate in the upcoming cleanliness and tree plantation activities. Saddam Hussain, a CHEPS member, was awarded with “Student Change Agent Award” for persistently attending the CHEPS environment awareness campaigns and his voluntary work.–Sabrina Karam]]>

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