More villages connected to new powerhouse

 800 kilowatts powerhouse is to supply electricity to villages from Bang lower up to Sholkoch on the left side of River Yarkhun and from Shich to Zzupu on the right side. By now, except Bang lower and Zzupu all villages have been electrified in the area. The biggest ever powerhouse at Pavoor village of Yarkhun has been set up in collaboration with the AKRSP. Its launching faced delay due to technical issues. The people of the area are now getting uninterrupted power round the clock and are using all types of home appliances including heaters. They extended their gratitude to the AKRSP and the power committee headed by Sher Wali Khan Aseer for the successful completion of the project. It may be mentioned that Pavoor was the first village in the whole Yarkhun valley where the first micro hydel power station was set up by the AKRSP about three decades ago. Pavoor hydro power station opens]]>

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  1. To Regional Program Manager, CEO GAP and Chairman Power Project,
    I am writing this letter on behalf of community of Yarkhoon to extend our appreciation for successful completion of Pavoor Hydel power project on time and that too with great efficacy. The fact and figures presented by AKRSP, GAP and Power Company in the completion of this mega project in Yarkhoon valley is truly commendable.
    We really appreciate the efforts of your team and professionlism by which you have completed the mega project in remote area like Yarkhoon valley.
    We, once again, would like to thank you and congratulate for your team hard work and dedication. We wish you continue your’s spirit in upcoming project also.
    Abdul Nasir
    On behalf of people of Yarkhoon.

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