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Rules trampled in posting, transfer of female teachers


By Zulfiqar Ahmad
ISLAMABAD : The District Education Officer (female) Chitral is blatantly violating transfer and posting rules set by the education department Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in order to return the favour to local politicians who played role in her transfer from Dir to Chitral.
Sources within the DEO (female) office told ChitralToday that soon after taking over some months back the lady officer had been completely ignoring the laid down rules for transfer and posting mainly because of political interferences.
They said that the Independent Monitoring Unit of the elementary and secondary education department, Chitral, was also acting as a silent spectator instead of reporting the irregularities to the higher-ups of the department.
Giving the details of the irregularities by the DEO (female) which according to the sources, were just a tip of the iceberg, they said Hamida Bibi, (PSHT-15), had been retained by the DEO at GGPS Bakrabad while her posting was at Sor Laspur. However, a close relative of the female teacher contradicted the claim and said that her case is pending before the court.
Recently, another teacher, Kishwar Sultana (SST), was detailed against an IT post at the GGCMHS Denin, merely on the verbal recommendations of the commissioner Malakand Division, trampling the rules once again.
A widow, Asia Bibi, who is a resident of Denin, has been adjusted on detail at GGCMHS Denin. The sources said the reason for her detailement at Denin was that the wife of a district government employee was reluctant to be posted out to Burenis.
“When we brought this in the notice of the DEO female, she plainly said that she will not be able to say a single word to the district nazim or any other member of his party,” said a senior official at the education department on condition of anonymity.
The sources said that Sahib Jahan, a senior drawing master, BPS 16, was supposed to be at GGHS Burenis but the EDO was reluctant to post her out as she was the wife of Sajjad Ahmed, the union council nazim of Jhugoor.
They said that IMU is well aware of these irregular postings and detailments which the provincial government had completely banned but did not report even a single case even though these violations were brought under its notice from time to time.
They alleged that DMO Chitral Tariq Mehmood was also hand in gloves with the DEO and not taking action.
Despite repeated attempts by ChitralToday to take her version, the DEO (female) did not attend calls made on her mobile phone.
When contacted and informed about the violation of rules, DMO Tariq Mehmood said there were even more such cases. He said the monitoring unit had no role in making any transfer or posting as its job was just to monitor and report any irregularity or violation of rules to the authorities.
In reply to a question, he said he had already reported the violations to the authorities concerned and action can only be taken by them.
He said following the directives of the chief secretary KP in 2016 to completely ban the detailment, both the DEO male and female had given in writing that there was no no such case.
He said that he would hold a meeting again with both the DEO male and female and would report back to the concerned authorities if they had retained any teacher on detailment which was a clear violation of the chief secretary’s directives.
A senior official of the elementary and secondary education department, KP, said that stern action will be taken against both the DEO (female) and the DMO as the provincial government had completely banned detailment of teachers

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  1. Goldur3 says

    @Shad Zareen. You must be talking about posting of your sister in ggps sorlaspur. People of the valley have already requested edu deptt to transfer her. Plz tell her to hv mercy upon the children of sorlaspur and get retirement. Ppl will pray for you. Thanks

  2. Samad Khan says

    Unfortunately education has not been priority sector of our governments and politicians that’s why proper attention is not given towards. Things go on experimental basis which further deteriorate the situation.
    Some reforms were introduced in education sector by dividing in two cadres, i-e. Teaching and Administration but unfortunately that came to end. Now a headmistress/headmaster is picked and chose to head such large department.
    DEO position is very important administrative post and it demands strong administrative skills, knowledge and proper training but unfortunately our policy makers believe on pick and choose phenomenon.
    Therefore it is strongly needed that DEOs must be administratively strong, well trained in Public Service and Public Administration.

  3. Shahzad says

    Zuhra Jalal was ubable to manage even a single school, so how we can expect from her to manage a big department. I think the new DEO needs some changes inside her office, if anything is going wrong it is due to clerical staff and some advisor ADOs. The present clerical staff and ADOs should replaced otherwise the same situation will occure with the present DEO (female).

  4. Ghulam Nabi says

    Recently 2 female officers of Chitral were promoted to grade 19. One of them should be posted as DEO Female Chitral.Our MPAs should play active role in this regard.

  5. Javed Karim says

    Without sifarish nothing is done. many lady teachers who are drawing salaries for posting in schools of upper Chitral always work in Chitral town and nearby areas and live in town with their families. there should be strict rules. with the coming of PTI govt however absenteesm has decreased and many proxy teachers have gone into hiding. things would improve slowly but yes no one should be allowed to violate rules and accept sifarish or pressure.
    if we continue to raise voice against such violations, things will improve but if they go unnoticed the level of corruption will go up.

  6. Shad Zareen says

    Strongly endorse the above post!!!!!! Chital Female education is totally based on favoritism and relationship .Although there is monitoring system but the monitoring officers are also following the same violating system ,Provincial govt is proudly figuring about the development in education system but it may be in other district of KPK ?????
    I am highlighting the one mentioned case of Hamida Bibi, (PSHT-15), had been retained by the DEO at GGPS Bakrabad while her posting was at Sor Laspur,and till now there is no replacement of Hamida in the said school.
    Nobody can believe that a few primary schools class 1-6 hold only one teacher!!!!Imagine!!!! no one is asking about this joke really this is unbelievable !!!
    DEO Sahiba, kindly be responsible, respect and follow the system and policies. Even in day care center there are more than 3 care givers to take care and teach the children. And and you asking progress from the helpless teacher , who the only one teacher works as an administrator , as a teacher ..
    I would strongly recommend the Executives of Chitral Education to involve third party for monitoring &evaluation to control the local management who are violating your policies,

  7. Zahida Alam says

    The Govt recently promoted 61 pfficers to grade 19.One of them could easily be posted to Chitral,so that the SS islamiyat can go to her school.

  8. Nazrana Jabeen says

    I strongly support the views of Arif sb.This us hlgh time that,senior and competent officer should take charge of the office of DEO female Chitral.

  9. mohd arif hkan says

    what a big tragedy! the present DEO(F) violated/trumpled the rules under her feet and their are numerous glaring examples of such irregularities,nepotism and corruption made by her in very short time. present DEO can’t be compared with X.DEO D.she was educated, competent, bold, devoted to profession and excellent administrator.
    In such a situation zuhra jalal or any other DEO F should replace the present one. DMO chitral being a young and energetic and career officer should play his role to bring positive chang in education but by the time he just kills the time and his erlier role dash to the ground ??? this is an excellent write up such matter should be highlighted in order to bring reform in the department’s.
    PTI government should take serious notice of the said matter in the best intrest of the backward district….

  10. ishtiaq ahmed says

    All of the issues created by the ex DEO zohra jalal we are totally satisfied with present DEO f. Chitral

  11. Nusrat Bibi says

    Junaid Bhai ! Sabiqa aor maujooda ka muqabila na karen. Sabiqa parhi lelhi officer thi. Khud kaghaz parhti aor lekhti thi. Maujuda angrizi khat nhi parh sakti. Clerkon ki muhtaj hy.Rishwat ki paidawar hy.

  12. Junaid Khan says

    Zulfuqar Ahmad upper apny tahrir ma jin chizon ka ziker kiya hai,, ya sub sabiqa DEO(F) k hathon se huye han, Maoujdud DEO (F) ik polite insan hai. Sabiqa DEO(F) k kiye huya zulm or corrupt system ko apny rah pa lany k liye 2, 3 sal lag sakty han.
    Ab aty han asal baat ki taraf, Asal masla kursi hai, jis ko sabiqa DEO(F) apny na-ahli ki wajah se loss kar chuki hai, badqasmati se us ko transfer kiya giya hai, or ab wo dhobara ana chahti hai. Lekin abhi chitral education ko us ki zarurat bilkul nae, wo hamisha se favor karta aya hai. Chitral k 90 Percent log us se tang thy,abhi ik naya change aya hai, or we need this change.
    Jahan tak Tariq Mehmood ki baat hai, he is also a competent officer, lakin sabiqa DEO(F) ki na ahli se wo b tang tha,us ko b maloom tha DEO(F) ki waja se 30 percent teachers court ma han. thankx.

  13. @clttoday says

    @Maqsood Ali. In August 2016 Chief secretary KPK had issued directives to Secretary Education to end all detailments in Education Department. In this connection a meeting was held under chairmanship of DC Chitral wherein all concerned participated. After that in November, both DEO Male and Female confirmed in writing that all detailments had been canceled. The copy of the letter was sent to DC and DMO Chitral. In my knowledge, all postings and transfers come under purview of Director Education and DEOs. If DEOs done any detailments they ask Director Education KP before hand. Your second point regarding a headmistress is absolutely non sense. In June 2016, at GGHS Broze an incident had happened between a teacher and HM of the school based on personal issues.The said teacher was sister of an IMU female monitor. When in the next month the same monitor visited the said school on official visit, the headmistress quarreled with her and refused to give data. Upon it, a warning letter was issued to the HM to behave politely and DC Chitral had directed AC Chitral to conduct an inquiry, which has been concluded and the inquiry officer has suggested for stern action against the HM of GGHS Broze. Copy of inquiry and all documents are in the record of DC office Chitral and that might be the reason of your uneasiness and nonsense comments. Thank you

  14. Maqsood Ali says

    There are so many other other issues pertaining to the IMU which the journalist has not mentioned. To say that my job is just reporting is not enough on part of the DMO. If you know there are irregularities you have to ensure that these things must stop. The IMU should end the detailment issue. But I am privy to some of issues in which the DMO pressured a headmistress when she took action against a female teacher who happened to be the cousin of one of his data collectors.
    In short the IMU failed to achieve the objectives for which it was created by the KP govt.
    Here the DMO himself accepts that there are even more issues, so if there are issues why are you acting as a silent spectator. Both the DMO and the DEO should be posted out from Chitral as they failed to serve the people of the district given their political affiliation. We the people of Chitral appeal to the minister of education to take stern action on this.

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