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Chitrali environment activists clean Quaid's mausoleum

Around 40 members of CHEPS attended this cleanliness drive which included both males and females members from Aga Khan University, Karachi University and many other institutions and walk of lives. Many distinguished personalities like Samsam Ali Raza, Hazrat Uddin and members from Tajikstan also participated in this activity which was a huge encouragement for the young generation who work for the cause. The event was covered by the media groups of ARY NEWS and BOL TV. Chairman CHEPS, Rehmat Ali Johar, briefed the media about the aims and objectives of the event that it is a mission that will run throughout the country and the main aim is to highlight that we are all together as a nation to solve the issues of environmental change and global warming. CHEPS member Farina Inayat told the media that the cleanliness drive starts in Karachi and will go till the mountains of Chitral. A senior member of CHEPS, Mr. Hazrat Uddin requested the whole nation to take the mission of CHEPS cleanliness drive seriously and explained that the issue of environmental change can never be solved unless people start such campaigns with unity from Karachi to the white peaks of Chitral. During the cleanliness drive, many citizens of Karachi stopped by to observe and ask about the mission and many people witnessed an action of love for the earth and environment. At the end, the chairman thanked the participants and encouraged them to do such activities in the future as ambassadors of Chitral. Abdul Wahid Khan, Youth Coordinator CHEPS, appreciated the efforts of CHEPS youth wing Karachi for being active throughout the year and participating in the cleanliness drive. He emphasized on how important caring for the earth has become living in the Anthropocene era today, and he remarked that today’s event was a representation of how we should be conscious about our environmental care on daily and personal basis. The mission of clean and green Pakistan will run throughout the country and CHEPS members living in different cities of Pakistan will carry out the message in their respective cities throughout the year. This is a very positive message given by Chitralis to every Pakistani that global warming is never local and the burnings and other wastes in factories of the big cities are directly responsible for the melting of glaciers and natural disasters in areas like Chitral which do not majorly contribute to the global warming. –Abdul Wahid Khan]]>

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  1. imtiaz Ali khan says

    It has been our bad habit to take every thing in passimist way, we should be optimistic if a man is doing some good things than why we are criticizing. Great efforts Rehmat sab one day the people will confess U.

  2. asad says

    Actually majority our us (Chitralis) have bad habit of criticizing others. When someone is doing good deed, we try our best to bring and highlight the negative side ignoring completely the bright side. Masha Allah almost half of the population of Chitral migrates to down country to pass winter season, and how many of them get engaged to such healthy activities. When we are not in a position to contribute anything positive for our society, we have no right to criticize others for their positive contribution.

  3. Adnan Zainul Abideen says

    Really appreciable contribution by Rehmat Ali Johar.Pl keep it up without caring for anyone, your,s is a noble job.

  4. Shah Karez says

    Keep it up Rehmat Ali, you are doing great job, no matter what are other motives, at least one person from Chitral is caring for the earth.

  5. Sher Wali Khan Aseer says

    The activities of CHEPS are highly appreciated. We Pakistanis care very little about cleanliness and hygiene. Such kind of volunteerism needs encouragement instead of sarcastic remarks. Keep it up Rehmat Ali and team. We are with you in this drive.

    1. Farina says

      Thanks Meki for your such great words which really means a lot for us

  6. Saeedul Abarar says

    Pushistan beesur loqan barei achi goi bosun ki hoi.

  7. Shahid Hussain says

    pisa Chitrarian tanqidar ghair kyagh niki. Abrarginian kya jam korumo tarifo di korur ki. Haya yumono kya chaparia giti kya pisat heem drera ma brar. tan ki was toritai nast peshawurot rahi

  8. Mustansir says

    Chitrala ushaki bo sher, bosun ki hoi safo sar nast Chitrala banner avezan koronu boi…filhal Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad wagera jam shahar sheni pech, yomun tereko di jam chaal. So maaf ker do us ko, let him do whatever he likes 🙂

  9. Awaz e chitral says

    Winter time, atleast let them spend some time in down country and enjoy warm weather. And need to get some media coverage

  10. Murad Akbar says

    Why Karachi, Chitral is not yet clean

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