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Protesters in Drosh demand FIR against NHA, Sambu company

They denounced the decision of the National Highway Authority (NHA) to keep the under-construction Lowari tunnel closed for six days a week. They said the current situation had been created due to the negligence of the NHA, SAMBO and the company responsible for maintenance of the Lowari Top road.

According to reports, a two-year-old child, Rehan, belonging to the Sweer village, died of the severe cold while waiting for the opening of the tunnel.
The protesters demanded registration of an FIR against the aforementioned organizations for humiliating the passengers and endangering their lives. They said even on Friday when the tunnel as supposed to be opened, the NHA and other departments could not arrange the sooth flow of vehicles due to which thousands of people, including omen, children and elderly persons, still remained stuck on both sides of the tunnel. The lives of the stranded passengers are in danger but the authorities concerned still remain unmoved to rescue the people. They said even though the tunnel was opened the approach road in the Chitra side was in a poor shape and after the snowfall its condition further deteriorated. As a result, all vehicles had to be pushed up one by one, resulting in the mess up. When this report was filed at 1:45pm, the protest was continuing at the Drosh bazaar.]]>

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  1. Muhammad Mazharullah says

    Very good step by a lawyer.Public Bono Lawyers should follow suit.

  2. Yahya Gul says

    Public Bono Lawyers,AmirGulab khan Adv and Syed Ghufranullah Shah Adv should also join him in filing the case.It is also reported that PD Lawari Tunnel Project has warned the victim family of dire consequences.

  3. Inayatullah faizi says

    As always,Chitral Police has flately refused to lodge an FIR. Mohibullah Terichvi Advocate is preparing a publi c interest case to be filed before PHC,in form of a writ petition.This will help in moving towards FIR.

  4. Saeedul Abarar says

    Click at the link below what late Osama did when these NHA goons stopped people from crossing the tunnel.
    It was exactly January 14 last year when Osama Shaheed warned the NHA managers but Chitralis even did not acknowledge his services. Teri yaad tere aayi tere jaanei k baad…ab bughto sub mil k. Celebrate with your new deputy commissioner as he did not even bother to warn the NHA. So sad.

  5. Saeedul Abarar says

    Tan xhano mashqul korur la Chitralian FIR korosi re…ager Maghfirat Shah FIR ki kardu birai awa Salim Khan, Sardar Hussain ocho Iftikharo gani pisate loa (fox) dosi angom. Pisa chirak khali, dango gucho nishi shoshp lochiro ghona lachumi haisiyat pisa chor ana niki…ka ma blood pressure high hoi reko, ka khud kushi kom reko, ka FIR korur reko…hosk lu haya ki pisa ish kya koko no bomi. Pisa ehsan faramosh, matlubi dafa 420 pisa sora apply belik. Korur na protest DC o khilafa, banjo angaran chake ko tamasha koyan DC housa nishi. Osama khilafa Maghfirat Sha chirao kosao oshoi, tate weiz nogh DC…pisa chor ana no jashuran, jam koyan pisa Chitrariyan. Kya lakhoyan kino, you deserve all this bad treatment!!!

  6. Muhammad Ali says

    There is no use talking about the past or politics at this stage. it is a waste of time and will weaken the case. At this time there should be a one point agenda, i.e. Lodging an FIR against NHA, that’s all.

  7. Ikraam says

    I mean to say FIR will not return the children to the poor parents.

  8. Ikraam says

    If Parvaiz Musharaf would have stayed for another few years, this tunnel must have been completed and our children would not have died in this way. FIR will return the child to the parents.

  9. Muhammad Ali says

    Everything is made controversial in Chitral by the bureaucracy and politicians, like the electricity distribution a recent example. Now agents of NHA will make this FIR issue controversial and fail it. A straight case of FIR for murder against NHA. Please dont go to ziaulhaq and bhutto and gillani and zardari and this and that, it will make the case shitty. Simply file an FIR against the NHA. Now let’s see who does it.

  10. Kalim ullah says

    Under Feudalism crippled judiciry we can make unsuccesful talks only ..the incumbent NHA chairman is the relative of ex president rafiq tarar and saira afzal tarar minister for health serveces..under the law every one is equal but it is always administered unequally and against the weak..our protest is eqated with losing match.

  11. M.fawad says

    The FIR must not be selective. The FIR should also be registered against the responsible people of the provincial government as well.

  12. Awaz e chitral says

    FIR should be against PPP.After Musharraf regime Ppp led by Zardari government did not spend a single paisa in Lowry tunnel.PPP leaders from chitral opened their mouths every time like slave and hungry birds.this tunnel is delayed because of ppp government. FIR should be against local ppp leaders and ppp government.

  13. Ghulam Nabi says

    I fully agree with Dr Faizi.ZA Bhutto was executed on such an FIR.The brutal murder of innocent Rehanullah must be avanged at all cost.

  14. Dr Inayatullah Faizi says

    Very good step by the people of Drosh.In the FIRA,our PM,KP Governor and Amir Muqam may also be charged under 302 and 420. No doubt Chairman NHA is the most corrupt person . He must be hanged in public.

    1. Salman Ahmad says

      Srction 420 also applies on Salim, Sardar Hussain, Bibi Fozia, Iftikhar, DC Chitral. Why the DC did not send any of AACs to Lowari to monitor the situation like Osama used to do? When Osama was the DC, AC Drosh was often seen at Ziarat wearing his barani coat but now these AACs could be seen serving the The district admin and the district govt especially the JI District Nazim is responsible for killing of the two year old minor. Is there anybody who can register a murder case against district nazum and the new DC??

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