PTI govt criticized for discriminating against Chitrali officers

In a statement, he said if the provincial government was to appoint an additional deputy commissioner as the DC Chitral, Abdul Ghaffar Khan from Chitrali should have been asked to continue on the post. He said there were PMS officers belonging to Chitral but they all had been sidelined. Even Chitrali CSS officers belonging to the police service and administrative group were not being given any operational post. For the the provincial government has been treating the Chitrali officers as a minority group, he added. He said the PTI government had been chanting the slogan of a change but actually working on an agenda to promote handpicked and blue-eyed boys to further its own interests. The injustices with the people of Chitral have exposed the actual face of the PTI in front of the people of the backward valley, he added.]]>

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  1. @ Ghulam Nabi Sahib! I dare to question that the Jamat Islami is an important partner of provincial government. And you might know that very low rank officials are posted on high position just due to their affiliation with JI. Why not Mr. Shuja Lal or some one else ask this question from JI leader ship.

  2. Dear Samad sb please be specific and to the point.Shujuddin Lal is agitating on field posting and coveted key positions. He is aware of Chitrali employees here and there. In case some one from Buner is trasfered to Chitral, an officer of the same rank in Chitral could have been posted to Kohat or else where as DC. A DIG level PSP offcer from Chitral was denied field posting for three consecutive tenures in Khattak Government.We do not expect any good step from the PTI leadership.

    1. Shuja is doing nothing but politics. If he is that upright why he is not exposing the black sheep within his party. The reason he said it all because he wants a particular Chitrali ranker who is also hand in gloves with his party to be the DC Chitral. My advise to Shuja is to stop speaking half-truth.

  3. It is astonishing that the leader of a local organization talks loud on matters where he doesn’t posses details. At present at least to provincial secretaries to government of KP belong to Chitral. 2 deputy secretaries in local government department, other at least 2-3 deputy secretaries, the one in CM secretariat belong to Chitral. Probably one DC (may be of Kohistan) is from Chitral. One Additional Political Agent of an important tribal agency North Waziristan is from Chitral. 1-2 additional or special secretaries from Chitral. Similarly DIG (T&E) one of the key and important position in KP police is with Chitrali officer. How would Mr. Lal deride.
    The local leader from Boni is set to be die-heart worker of Jamat Islami and it must be in his knowledge that District Nazim who is his party mate was trying his best to appoint DC from Upper Dir or at least from Malakand. Why not he talks to his own party high-up because they are equal partner in the provincial government.

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