A friend in need is…

For over two years Chitral has seen a number of natural disasters and tragedies, the latest being the air crash in which 20 people from the valley lost their lives. This has affected the whole people of Chitral and they are in a mourning for their loved ones. In this hour of tragedy, a large number of people from outside have shared the grief with the Chitralis. Inside Chitral, it would be unfair if we do not mention Chitral Scouts Commander Col Nuzamuddin Shah who has remained on his toes since Dec 7 visiting the affected families and receiving the bodies of the victims. The commander also ensured the availability of the Chitral Scouts ambulances for carrying the bodies arriving at the Chitral airport to their native villages. This act of the military officer has won the hearts of not only the near and dear ones of those who fell victims to the air crash but also the people of Chitral as a whole.  ]]>

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  1. No doubt they are our real friend as in all times of trial and tribulations they do come forward to help us.During Pervaiz Musharraf regime 12 flights in a week used to be operated for Chitral and during his government work on Lowari tunnel was resumed.

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