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Devastated little girl and greedy eyes

Lone surviving girl in air crash. Funeral of the six family members who died in the PIA air crash was held in the in Izz village of Garam Chashma.

Have the people of Chitral become so conscienceless and untrustworthy that outsiders are needed to protect the eight grader girl left alone and hapeless in this world so that the compensation amount to be given to her by the government is not plundered by anyone and that she lives her life according to her free will.

This is shameful that the prime minister of Pakistan has ordered that the girl should be brought  back to Islamabad so that the federal government could make arrangements for her accommodation and take the responsibility of her education. Hasina Gul reached Garam Chashma along with the bodies of her parents, two brothers and two sisters on Saturday. She had come to Islamabad to give samples for the DNA test and identification of the bodies. She also met a traffic accident while on way to Islamabad. Back home with the bodies, she was traumatized and needed admission to the THQ hospital of the area for treatment.

As the outside world became suspicious after the media reports, PIA director customer care Tabassum Qadir accompanied the girl to ensure that the Rs5.5 million support fund to be given by the government to each victim do not end up in wrong hands. Talking to our correspondent, an official said that the DC Chitral office had been informed about the PM’s directions and arrangements would be made to take the girl back to Islamabad when her health allows travel. While in Islamabad, relatives tried to keep the girl away from the media but somehow she spoke to some reporters and expressed her apprehensions that once back home she might be given off in marriage to someone in the distant family.

She urged the government to help her saying she wanted to continue her education and does not want to marry at this stage. She was even not feeling safe to go home with the bodies of her loved ones. The media reports said that many distant relatives wanted to take custody of the girl perhaps eyeing the over three and half coror rupees the girl would be getting as the support funds for the six family members who died in the air crash. As MNA Chitral Shahzada Iftikharuddin had suggested earlier, the Ismaili local council could have been trusted to take care of the girl. Or the government should entrust some notables of the area to take care of the girl and ensure she got proper education.  

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