Six bodies reach Chitral, remaining will be airlifted tomorrow

bodies of Shahzada Farhad Aziz, his daughter Tayyaba Aziz, residents of Zargaran Deh Chitral, along with that of Akbar Ali (Junali Coch) and Umrah Khan (Lone) were airlifted to Chitral in a C-130 plane on Friday morning.

All the remaining 12 bodies have also been identified through DNA testing and would be sent to Chitral in a C-130 at 8am on Saturday.
The bodies of two sisters, Rani Mehreen and Farah Naz, were taken to their hometown of Drosh from Islamabad by their relatives by road. The two victims were daughters of Muhammad Jaffar of Drosh. two bodies, of Haji Muhammad Nawaz of Goldur Chitral and Haji Muhammad Takbir of Denin had already been taken to Chitral. [caption id="attachment_40228" align="alignleft" width="940"]Funeral prayers of Shahzada Farhad Aziz in Chitral. Funeral prayers of Shahzada Farhad Aziz in Chitral.[/caption] The funeral prayers of the two sisters were offered at the Murad Stadium Drosh in which a large number of people, including Chitral Scouts Commander Col Nizamuddin Shah and other civil and military officers, took part.%db%b1 Ali Akber, 42,  senior instructor at Aga Khan Institute for Educational Development was buried in Junali Koch. A large number of people of all walk attended his funeral ceremony. His Namaz e janaza was offered by Syed Sardar Alam of Booni. Speaking on the occasion, Alwaiz Sultan Nigah applaud his educational services in the area.fb_img_1481887691369 Assistant commission Booni Hmidullah Khattak and Chitral Scouts personal were also present on the occasion. Munir hussy Fatimi]]>

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  1. In such a harsh, heart breaking and shocking accident i am still in mourning and would like to share my wohown thoughts as under:-woh tho khush nasib the shahadath ka jam noosh kargaye… Ham tho bath naseeb hain apne Ansoo pee gaye…thats it..

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