New park named after Osama Waraich

Chitral at Lenik in Denin has been renamed as Osama Shaheed Park. It was due to the special interest of the late Osama Waraich that the barren land was turned into a beautiful family park and inaugurated a few weeks before the PK-661 crash. Mr Waraich, his wife and an infant daughter were among the 47 people who lost their lives in the air crash on Dec 7. The new park was earlier named as the DC Park. It was completed in a record short period of time only because of the special interest the late DC took in the project. The decision to name the park after the late DC has been welcomed by the people of Chitral.  ]]>

2 Replies to “New park named after Osama Waraich”

  1. Using the first name or the given name is considered impolite. The complete name of the Osama Waraich should be written on the board.

  2. The district administration must know that Osama is a controversial name, and naming it just Osama shaheed park may create confusion, thinking it might have been named after the terrorist Osama bin Laden, so the admin must use the complete name of the martyred deputy commissioner and name it as “Osama Warraich Shaheed Park”. Pls do consider it and his full name should be used instead of referring it only Osama park.

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