JI leaders are involved in timber smuggling, says PTI leader

In a press statement, Mukarrar said former Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) MNA from Chitral Maulana Abdul Akbar was directly behind the timber mafia in ruthlessly cutting the forest of Chitral during the tenure of the MMA. He said when the Taliban imposed a ban on the movement of construction wood in Afghanistan, Maulana Abdul Akbar rushed to Sirajul Haq as a leader of the timber mafia contractors and paved the way to transport their timber via Pakistan to the down districts. The timber were then trasnported from Afghanistan to Chakdara via Samarbagh, the home village of Sirajul Haq. The PTI leader alleged that even today key leaders of the JI were involved in smuggling of timber from Arandu Gol to Dir. The timer mafia in Dir has full support of the JI, he added.

Most of the members of the timber mafia have links in JI, rather the Jamaat has itself become a timber mafia. Would Abdul Akbar like to tell the people of Chitral who were the people who spent money so lavishly for securing the post of the district nazim for JI after the local government elections. Were those who arranged costly feasts at the Governor Cottage Chitral for the members of JI allies were not members of the timber mafia?
He said the JI has become the protector of the timber mafia involved in eliminating the forests of Chitral. He said the district nazim Chitral, Maghfirat Shah, who belongs to the JI, was working on the agenda of the timber mafia but Maulana Abdul Akbar was pointing fingers at others instead of feeling ashamed of its own party’s track record. He also alleged that the leaders of the JI belonging to Lower Dir, Upper Dir and Chitral had been backing the timber mafia for long.]]>

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  1. Agreed. If one should want to know about the intensity of the matter than revised the visit of Siraj ul haq this year to Chitraltoday. Who was the attend at airport was the famous timber mafia of Chitral. IT’S our utmost duty to eradicate such people from JI.

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