School monitor's visit creates panic among students

The children told their parents that when they were about to depart from the school moments before the closing hours at about 2:15pm, a motorcyclist wearing a helmet entered the school building and charged his bike towards the students gathered in the ground and then tried to take pictures of some of the students. The panicked students ran for cover fearing that the man might be a terrorist. In the meantime, the school headmaster and other staff came out and caught the man and took him out of the school gate. When the teachers asked him about his identity, he said he was Zaheer Ahmed, a monitor of the education department. An altercation took place between the teachers and Mr Ahmed and the latter said he had the authority to enter the school premises without any intimation or taking permission from anyone. However, the teachers told him that under the prevailing security situation, he should first stop at the gate and enter the school after taking off his helmet. The monitor then left the school without taking his bike saying he would take legal action against the school staff. The same evening, three police officials from the Mastuj police station  reached the school and informed the teachers that the monitor had complained that the teachers beat him and snatched his bike. The teachers were called to the police station where they presented their points of view. Later, however, the matter was resolved through a compromise. The parents said there should be a proper procedure for the monitors to visit any school for checking without disturbing the atmosphere of the institution or creating any inconvenience for the students. A teacher of the school on the condition of anonymity told ChitralToday that on Nov 9, the monitor had visited the school. On that day, no student turned up in the school thinking that it was a public holiday. However, the teachers were present. When the monitor checked the attendance register, the teachers had not marked their attendance in confusion whether it was a public holiday or not. When the monitor asked about it, the teachers said they were yet to get any information about the Iqbal Day holiday. When the monitor wanted to take away the attendance register, one of the teacher pushed the monitor and snatched the register from him. Three days later, the monitor came back and the altercation took place.]]>

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  1. Monitoring is good to check attendance. But entering in school just terrorist is not part of monitoring system. I strongly agree to continue monitoring to improve the system but there are some SOPs in every school one must follow them.

  2. Super Media of Super Nation thoroughly failed while communicating precise information to the people it means that there is some thing wrong in communication to the public. Authentic information still in closed form for us. Teachers alone have reported this while Monitoring teams have not shared information with us. We request to monitoring department to communicate and shared their opinion with us however Monitoring teams work from the past three years. They have tremendous information and experiences regarding this matter. According to my personal view and observation, most of the teachers disappeared from school after monitoring of school. They hardly waited till monitoring. According to this story, teacher was absent on 9 November but one of present teacher was snatched attendance register from Monitor. This shows that teachers behave child like, immature. Teachers have not honesty with their duty. why teacher acts as abnormal person. It is the duty of monitor one who has not mark signature on register he will be treated according to rule of monitoring system. Snatching register is exclusively illegal activity. It means that teachers are creating problems and will be labelled as problem creator and teacher Mafia.
    As far as the case of 12th November is concerned, Monitoring staff has paid a visit to this school. This shows that this school observes with ceaseless issue. Monitor effort should be encouraged because he has visited this school twice within a week in order to check whether the teachers are present or not. According to my personal view, on that day, most of the teacher will be absent from school. They may be absent from the last three day. So this is a big game of teachers nothing else.

  3. Once called the profession of Prophets, Teaching staff specially in the government sector are much politicized. The can be seen as active members of political parties and also i have seen some teachers during the elections duties trying to manipulate the system. My point is that as per my observation in the valley the cases of teacher absence, appointing other teachers on ones behalf and quality has improved due to the monitoring system. However there is still a lot to do as MPA used to be authority in appointments of primary teachers in the past and i know 20 such teachers in my locality who are not even matriculate. So to expect that level of professionalism from that teacher is stupid and secondly they hate the young people who have qualified through NTS to dictate terms. The above mentioned case i assume that the teachers might have manhandled the monitor.

  4. The young generation is with great enthusiasm in order to solve the existing problem but teacher Mafia is disturbing them. e.g this story seem one way of communication teachers have reported this story. There will be exaggeration. The fact is still beyond our imagination. The super media of super nation (America ) has unable to provide accurate data the the world nation and our media may be mislead by problem creator. of course govt teacher are exemplary Teacher Mafia. how many teachers were absent on 9th Nov and how many teachers were absent on 12 November. how the monitor entered into school where were the class fours.

  5. On Nov 9 Iqbal day the monitor visited the GMS for Boys Dizg and on Nov 12 he came back in an angry mood. It shows he had some personal problem with the staff of this school. These monitors seem acting beyond their mandate and interfering in the noble profession of teaching. Their duty is to visit schools and observe the working and performance of the staff and report to the authorities concerned for improvement. If the monitors, and I don’t think all are working in negative way, remain in within their mandate and work in coordination with the staff, things would improve otherwise it would create bad blood and put negative impact on overall standard of education.

  6. Some monitoring staff acting like a police inspector but it does not mean that all the monitoring workers are violating the SOP. Teacher and monitoring staffs both are two wheels of the cart of education. In order to run it smoothly both the character should have performed their duties according to the standard Operating Procedure provided by education department and as well as monitoring cell with honesty. ‘Here I would like to share an amazing story with you that i was working in NCHD in (2009) I visited a girls primary school in Koh area. In the school, actually enrollment was 25 or 30, and the teacher had send a proforma to education department showing 52 children. Some official from education department have visited the school but no one have taken the notice of this blunder. When I probe this irregularity, it come to my notice that the relevant official from education department have taught them this proxy mechanism just to retain the school in the village. It is no difficult to imagine that how honestly working our education department official? But now due to constant visit of monitoring staff some improvement can be seen in the schools.

  7. Marum sb. we chitrali nation salute the monitoring team headed by a young and educated commissioned officer. they have brought positive changes in the system in the last two years. You should first know the abc of the system created by the government in terms of monitoring. have you interacted with any official of monitoring unit and asked about their duties. do not give sweeping statements without having knowledge of the system. we should recognize that because of monitoring system many issues have resolved inside education department. Now atleast 90 percent teachers are regular in their duties. They are afraid of monitoring guys.quality is related to education department and not to monitoring guys. How u justify that when school timings are 2:20 pm so who allowed the HM of the school to close it before time. second, how the monitor enter the school in this manner when there was a chowkidar present in the main gate. it seems you have some relative among school teachers of GMS Dizg and you are supporting him.I think when inquiry is held teacher will not be spared. thank you

  8. Dear readers,
    Entering into any institution without following policy and proper identification is unethical especially during these troubled days. Monitors are part of the system, first of all they should follow rule of law. They are not above the law.
    Secondly what was the purpose of monitor’s visit when the school was nearly closed after 2.15 pm. What he wanted to know when there was supposed to be no one at this time?
    If it was only to make sure that whether the teachers are present or not is simply emotional harassment. Monitoring is a good initiative if it is meant to improve teaching and learning process, attainment, attendance and many other aspects. This specific school situates in a far flung area, but govt schools in town area are in worse conditions, where teachers do not work at all. They come to school(in many cases after assembly is held) sit and have black tea, chat, joke and many other. then they make sure their lunch, attend social gatherings (condolence, wedding, etc) or ask students to bring food for them if there is any wedding taking place nearby. Eating during school timings is not allowed and is unwise. The situation is even worse where there is co education and girls schools. Girls schools even worst. Teacher first of all give priority to their personal activities, like going to bazzar, hospitals, ATMs. IN some schools teachers ask students to do their household chores. Where we are heading to as a nation with this educational quality. PTI govt should make sure that not teachers are present in the school but also to see what they are actually doing there. Physical presence does not guarantee any thing.

  9. Ibrahim Qabul: it seems you are living in fools paradise. you are unaware of ground situation. Teachers are problem creators. They often lie even. they do not report facts. In this case too teachers are wrong because a teacher was absent on 9th Nov and his friends were angry with the monitors. read the story before comment. thank you

  10. In educational institution such incident from monitoring team is extremely undesirable. Monitoring team member are also integral part of education system and they must be role model generally with everyone and especially with the most respectable professionals(Teachers)…..
    Monitoring must must be integral part of every institution and must be purposeful and productive both for teaching and learning.That monitoring would be beneficial for student, teacher and parents and educational institution as well.
    But entering in school without permission, identification, without following policy, procedure, security measure is totally unethical especially where there is co-education. Driving a bike in that much speed inside school premises while wearing helmet is again unethical. Specially when there are is a crowed of innocent students, such an activity can be suicide attack……
    No one should take law in his/her hand, There are well defined policy and procedure in government schools and we all should act accordingly. Thank you

  11. I knows the government teachers and the environment of GMS Dizg very well. Young and energetic monitors are performing their duties with honesty.The government teachers are masters of politics and are struggling to blackmail the young monitors because they (teachers) are jealous of their duties who are working with honesty to improve quality education and the young monitors forward all the data as such to high authorities without any alternation in data.
    Govt teachers take salary more than fifty thousands but their performance is very bad. There is no learning environment in Govt institutions.The students of govt schools do not know the abc of the subjects thought in school. According to this report, a monitor has visited this school twice within three days it means that there is a great problems and constraints in this school that is why he paid visit to this school. His contribution in this sense should be appreciated. This school usually open late and close early.
    why the teacher snatched attendance register from monitor it means that there is some thing wrong in the register and there may be a proxy attendance etc.
    The teaching methods of govt school is very poor. Govt teachers especially teacher of this school do not evaluate and check the copy of their students. if one an neutral examiner or teacher, check copy of students he will find lot of blunders in that. Abnormal teaching is practicing in this school e.g subjects such as computer sciences, English and math are thought in horrendous method. Pronunciation of English word of the teacher is very amazing.
    We are requesting DMO Chitral, Mr. Tariq Mehmood and EDO Chitral Mr. to carry out an open investigation regarding abnormal teaching, improper checking of copies, interfere in the official work of monitor.

  12. Monitoring system is good in school. But some moniter behavior is not good with teacher. If the teachers are absent then you have to absent them, its not your duty that you questioned the teacher why you are absen? Education department will investigate the teacher. Actually some moniter do not know their duty.

  13. The version of Monitor is completely missing from the story and CT should rather take that into account before printing the story and make public opinion on it. No rational individual can shove his bike into students. On the face it seems that teachers want to put their shortcoming under the carpet by senseless allegation against the monitor.

  14. These government teachers are masters of politics and they better know how to blackmail the young monitor who is working with honesty to improve quality education.The question is that if the register was well maintained and accurate, why the teacher snatched that from monitor. He would have let the monitor to double check the register. It is a common observation that these old teachers are jealous of these young monitors and do not want to see them anymore.We are requesting DMO Chitral, Mr. Tariq Mehmood to carry out an open investigation.

  15. In order to resolve the problem for good there should be proper stated operating procedure (SOP)of the monitoring process and it must be communicated to education department. Both teachers and monitors should work according to the SOP to avoid such problems in future. However credit can be given to the monitors that they ensured presence of teachers in the schools. These are minor issues which can be negotiated between DMO and Education Department instead of projecting in the media.

  16. The youngsters must not be discouraged. Look at CSP officers; the military cadets…these young chaps r doing great job. Don’t discourage young boys. Let them do whatever they like. An honest teacher will never get upset seeing his student at a good position. There are some black sheep among teachers who do not like these youngsters.

  17. not good policy indeed by PTI govt. if all necessary monitors should have been educationists not young and fresh graduates without knowledge of teaching. this is one of reasons resentment growing among teachers. after students in each class, now their teachers also have monitors??

    1. There is an SOP for the Monitors and there is a proper code of conduct as well, and Monitors throughout the province strictly follow their code of conduct and they are being threatened and forced to behave unprofessionally, even the teachers turn cameras to record any of the mistakes of these youngsters, but till date no one came with a piece of proof against them… This case is only because some of them were caught absent by him on 9th November and they wanted to take revenge… The story of paper also reflect the scenario..

  18. how the monitor entered the school? if the school teachers are so concerned about the security of students then why no chowkidar was present in the school gate? An open investigation should be carried out in this. for every public holiday a notification is issued from govt. who allowed the teachers to be absent on that day. our teachers like holidays. the teachers need to be punished.

  19. It is indeed a test case for Tariq Mehmood, the district monitoring officer. If he failed to take his monitor to task, we will be forced to believe that these unruly monitors are operating at their own. The district monitoring department should immediately suspend the guy and start disciplinary action against him.

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