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  1. Dear Sir,
    The writer’s territorial patriotism is quite evident from his letter. This is not a new phenomenon, whenever we hear of a mega project, some people right away suggest that it should be built at Qaqlasht. We need a university for sure but the decision of its location will be decided by common consent. The best place for it would be Khandan lassht-easy access with a feeding college and a technical school.
    The issue with Qaqlasht itself would be that although its a govt. property but the locals have benefited from it since centuries and they claim a right over it be it ownership or lease whatever is feasible. The local community of Morder (my native village) have put forward a proposal of land acquisition and development to the Land and Revenue department since long (Many letters to the editor by my late uncle ZainulAbidin and myself in your reputed online paper can be seen as a reference to that). My request to honorable writers would be to have complete information on the topic before they suggest something otherwise it could become controversial. By this I by no means at all am saying that the university if established at Qaqlasht ; will be opposed. We can’t do that because our area must have a University of Chitral, but if places such as Khandan lasht are available, why to look out for other places?
    Saifuddin Saif
    Morder Chitral

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