APML women wing leader lambastes PM Sharif

CHITRAL: APML leader Taqdeera Khan has lambasted Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for making fun of the people of Chitral about their ability of speak the Urdu language during his visit to Chitral.

She also took strong exception to Mr Sharif’s remarks about the people of Chitral that compared to 1999 they have now learnt to speak Urdu.

“Nawaz Sharif rubbed salt to the would he had caused to the people of Chitral in the past. I can say with certainty that if any Chitrali is made the prime minister of Pakistan he would not need to hold a piece of paper and speak to represent Pakistan at the international level,” said Taqdeera Khan, the general secretary of the APML women wing, in a statement issued on Wednesday evening.

She said people of Chitral were more educated than Nawaz Sharif and every Chitral can speak more eloquent Urdu and even English. As far as the promises of development made by Nawaz Sharif, she said: “I would like to ask Nawaz Sharif what happened to his promises made for the people of Chitral affected by the 2015 floods and the earthquake, How many of them have been fulfilled.”

She said Chitral already had the campuses of the Abdul  Wali Khan University and there was no need for a university. Moreover, he should also not try to take credit for the Lowari tunnel initiated by former president Pervez Musharraf. Had Nawaz been so serious in launching the project,  he would have done it when he was the prime minister twice in the past too. She asked Nawaz Sharif not to become a martyr by cutting his little finger because the people of Chitral cannot be hoodwinked by any political leader through such announcements.

“Moreover, Nawaz Sharif also laid bare his integrity by disclosing a secret the APML MNA Iftikhar Uddin had shared with him.” She said after this revelation, the people of Chitral have also lost trust in Shahzada Iftikhar.

Ms Taqdeera Khan said the people of Chitral had voted Iftikhar  to power in the name of Musharraf but he failed to honour the trust, adding how the people would have trust in the MNA from now onward. The  APML women wing leader also said Pervez Musharraf would soon come back to Pakistan and visit Chitral and before that he would address the Chitralis on a video link.

6 Replies to “APML women wing leader lambastes PM Sharif”

  1. Agree with u Madam, Its one of the worst loose public speach by NS,NS have no future in Chitral but Mr Nawaz & Amir Muqam u have no right to insult the people of Chitral.Its not the first time, Nawaz did so many times in the past.We demand early apology from him for such a loose statement which hurts the people of chitral.Also the MNA from Chitral Iftikhar Uddin u disgraced the chitralies.

  2. Garum aru ma bechi, keep up the good work. I would rather suggest you to inform the people who love Musharraf that how the MNA is making fun of their leader. This is a writing on the wall that Nawaz Sharif has no future in Chitral no matter how much he spends there. Poor chap I really feel for him as his future seems bleak. No vote, no politics and the only option is to start work on the same old package.

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