2 Replies to “MNA should apologize to Garam Chashma residents, says VC nazim”

  1. Nazim sahib,these people will not listen to and yes they are very expert in making fool of the Ismaili community of chitral since the days of their father.People of lotkoh will again vote him.We had read your another letter some days back.When he had visited a controvercial NGO in Garamchashma.It was again a matter of great concern that a government teacher was conducting as stag secretary of this meeting.He and the chairman are being called as the guru of Garamchashma in politicizing the public and private institutions.
    If MNA is sincere in his commitment then he must revisit Garamchashma and instead of holding meeting in a controvercial NGO meet the people in open forum.I think Khalid Pervaz seems more shrewd than his brother .He try to persuade him and free him from the clutches of corrups people.

  2. Garumchashma tehsil votes will go to prince. It’s hundred percent sure.Election is too far and he will come to you near the election and will use his representatives to get your votes.This is his right and techniques to get your vote and name. Doesn’t matter he did nothing for the area but but Lotkuhi will vote to him .

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