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Two Chitrali men arrested in woman trafficking case

Chaudhry Anwar Hussain told local reporters that Saeed Gul, son of Saeed Azeem of Uchust village, and Abdul Hamid, son of Shahab Uddin of Ayun, were members of a gang active in women trafficking and getting them into fraud marriages.

He said he had lodged an FIR against the accused with the Mirpur police. He said the district administration of Chitral and the KP police cooperated with the AJK police in nabbing the accused. He said the Mirpur police had obtained the accused on a physical remand from a court in Mirpur till September 5.

He said the Dawat-e-Hazeemat Chitral was doing good work but still there were elements who have been involved in luring people into marriages in Chitral and later cheating them. He said at his earlier press conference he had alleged that there were also black sheep in Dawat-e-Azeemat but now he was apologizing for the remarks against the organization.

He said he was one of the victims of such gangs who arranged his marriage with a Chitrali woman and later stole cash and valuables from his house in Mirpur after he left for England to arrange visa for his wife. He said his Chitrali wife and her parents would also realize the actual facts as they have also been nominated in the case for defrauding him and would be arrested. He said he was hopeful that all the culprits would be taken to task and he would get justice.

It may be noted that On Aug 16, Khurshida Begum alleged that a gang of agents sold her to Chaudhry Anwar Hussain in Azad Kashmir where she was subjected to illegal detention for many months. In a statement issued to the press, the woman said on March 2 this year Hameed Khan of Ayun, Saeed Gul of Uchust, Qari Niamat and Qari Saboor at Peshawar Saddar lured her into marriage and sold her to Chaudhry Anwar.

She said after four months she managed to contact Anjuman Dawat-e-Azeemat Chitral, an organization working against marriage of Chitrali women with strangers from other districts. She said with the help of the Anjuman she got freedom from the illegal confinement and reached Chitral. She said on August 1, she approached the court in Chitral and filed an application against her alleged kidnappers and Chaudhry Anwar but so far no action has been initiated against the culprits who are moving freely.

She said instead of appearing in the court in pursuance of the summon issued to them, the accused were sending her threats not to pursue the case.

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  1. Sharafat says

    Ye daghwat azeemat ka kam nai Zilli hakumat or Police ka kam hay fraud logon ka investigate ker k saza da, or ek tariqa kar waza keray jab bahir say koi shadi ker raha ho voh District Adalat may ho or sab documents isbanday ki mutalieq pora na ho shadi nai karanay chahiya, deghwat azimat na koi qanuni na idara na intizami aisay fuzul logon ghareebon k bachon say khelnay ka drama band hona chahiya, Ameer ho k ghareeb jisany b Chitral may shadi kernay ho Adalat k thru must honi chahiya warna ye dramay hotay rehenay

  2. Maha says

    Were Chitral police and admin sleeping until an influential British man managed to catch the suspects with help from AJK govt?
    The about turn taken by Ch. Anwar is also mysterious he should expose all those involved in selling women to outsiders.

  3. Khan Zada says

    Good the AJK police should bring all members of the gang to justice and also expose all elements involved in the crime. There are surely many black sheep in Chitral who need to be unmasked to protect image of Chitral.

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