VC nazim wants more Nigahbans for Chumarkhan Gol

ChitralToday, the VC nazim warned that the area people would never tolerate this injustice and would initiate legal action against the range office Mastuj. According to the information secretary of the Chumarkhan Conservative Committee, Akhtar Shad, there is a need to hire at least 10 Nigahbans for Chumarkhan Gol but despite  promises made by the department concerned, only one watcher has been appointed which was not enough  to cover the whole area. He said the people of the area have already informed the forest and the wildlife departments to appoint a sufficient number of staff without any delay for the Chumarkhan Gol. He warned that if the departments failed to hire the needed number of Nigahbans, the local community would be left with no other option but to dislodge  the departments from the Gol besides initiating legal action against them. It may be noted that forest Nigahbans have been hired in each village for five years and they are paid Rs15,000 salary per month.]]>

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  1. Thank you very much VC Khuzh Nazim Noor Ajam Noorani and Information Secretary VCC Chapari for highlighted the serious and urgent placement of Nighaban at Chumarkhan gol. InshaAllah the departments of wild life and forest should take serious action. Well done VC Nazim for highlighting the serious problems of our Area. Keep it up

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