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Shandur speaks for itself

Photo0719It is evident by perusal of Karim Ullah’s  article that he has no knowledge and information about the history, culture and geography of Shandur. He has neither studied the fiction of Mr. Sarfaraz Shah nor read the Haqaiq Nama on Shandur. He has no right to spoil papers writing on a rejected MOU and re-agitate it. Yes he has a democratic right to say and write anything in fevour of Mohammad Ali Mujahid, who has no concern with Shandur but just supporting some unjustified and extraneous ideas about the MOU, which has already been rejected by the people of Laspur through the media. The historical facts and ground realities about Shandur cannot be negated by mear surmises and conjectures. Is the statement of Narendra Modi, the Indian premier, reported by the print and electronic media,  a few days back, not sufficient to open the eyes of Mr. Karim Ullah. What to say about the article of Mr. Fida Ali Gherzi in a series, Shandur has never been disputed till 2010, when some people from Gilgit-Baltistan started claiming over it on extraneous pointations which has remained inseparable(integral) part of Chitral during Rais rule, Katoor dynasty and Khoshwaqht rule over Chitral state and after independence of Pakistan. Besides others, it is on record and annals of history that in 1926 Sir Shuja Ul_Mulk, the then ruler of Chitral, constructed a bungalow in Shandur in his domain and on 16 August 1928, the commandant Gilgit Scouts, the then PA Gilgit, got written permission to stay in the said bungalow through Caption Cobe. APA Chitral from the ruler of Chitral. Isn’t it sufficient proof? Fida Ali Shah Gherzi in his article took a U turn, as expected, keeping Shandur aside, fruitlessly argued on Chitral Scouts and Gilgit Scouts. (Which are both a chapter of pride for us). There is a saying in Persia, that “Shunida Kai Bowad Manind_E_Deeda”. The question is how Mr Gherzi by a single stroke of pen dared to ignore the century long standing summer houses of six villages of Laspur valley in Punjilasht agricultural land, commanded by channel, besides government installations of KPK chitral and continued the series of frivolous stories. There is no duality of opinion that we all are highly proud of our Pakistan Army, Chitral Scouts, Gilgit Scouts, besides, we are raising our voice against the subvertive extraneous agents who sometimes speak from New Delhi and sometimes raising sounds from Gilgit against shandur. A friendly suggestion is preferred to Gohar Sahib, Fida Ali Sahib and Karim ullah Sahib that before taking pen about shandur, they are requested to study pre partition post partition history of the region in special reference to shandur and in third series to study shandur after 1947, closely revisiting with open eyes, the geo cultural history and ground realities on the spot, if after all, to continue the series of articles for their own satisfactions. Besides all your efforts, remarks the century’s old brotherly and close relations of the inhabitants of Chitral and Ghazer, Gilgit will never be affected, how numerous articles and series may be. Have a nice time but with positive outlook.]]>

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