Protesters demand reconstruction of roads in Kalash valley

The protesters demanded the government provide them basic facilities and rights and pay due attention to the reconstruction of the roads and other infrastructure. The children and women registered their protest in a peaceful manner outside their place of worships in Kelash valley. A social worker, Shahi Gul, and local government representative Maleet Gul while leading the protest said the residents of the area had repeatedly requested the government to reconstruct these roads and rebuild the powerhouse but to no avail. “Neither the damaged roads have been repaired nor the electricity system has so far been restored entirely,” said Shahi Gul. She added that the damaged and bumpy roads caused blockade of vehicular traffic due to which people of the area were confronted with a difficult situation. Maleet Gul blamed the deputy  commissioner Chitral for the situation and said she submitted applications to him for the repair and reconstruction of their worship place but the DC took no action. She said no reconstruction and rehabilitation work had been done in Kalash valley since the 2015 floods hit the district. She demanded that people of Kalash should be equally treated like other citizens of the country. Meanwhile, officials of the irrigation  and communication department of Chitral have declined to comment on the issue. It is worth mentioning here that roads, pipelines, irrigation channels, micro hydro powerhouses, bridges and other infrastructures were damaged last year but no rehabilitation work has been completed until now. Kalash valleys present a ruined look. People of the area alleged that the government had approved Rs230 million for channelization of Bumborat nullah but the contractor did not start the work and his two excavators brought to the area were out of order. Strangely, the irrigation department took no action against him.]]>

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