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After Kosht, another bridge frightens travellers

muxgol The bridge over Muzgol river was washed away by the flash floods in 2015 and in its place a wooden bridge was later constructed. But residents of the area said there were construction flaws due to which the bridge had become a risk for the travelers. Ghulam Sarwar, the naib nazim of the locality, said the builders of the bridge did not bother to construct protection walls on both sides of the river. Besides, the iron wires were not fastened tightly as a result of which when a vehicle uses it the bridge swings dangerously. If this bridge collapsed, around 10,000 people living in the Muzgol and other areas would be cut-off, he warned. The naib nazim also said due to the floods huge boulders had got accumulated in the middle of the river diverting its course towards the populated areas. He said the government did not bother to remove the boulders and blockades, endangering the lives and properties of the people in the area.–GH Farooqui]]>

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  1. Atta Ur Rehman Morder says

    Yes, the bridge swings more than its capacity when a loaded vehicle crosses it. Even a passenger vehicle makes it swing long. Suspension bridges do swing but it’s not a full suspension bridge. Someone said that one beam is broken too. It’s also said that the contractor built it on his own expenses in emergency and Govt didn’t pay him in time. Whatever the reason, this bridge is very risky. I daily commute through this bridge to office and back home.

  2. Adnan Zainul Abideen says

    Thank you ChitralToday and GA Farooqi for highlighting such an important issue,some local papers had also pointed out the collapsing condition of Kosht Bridge few days prior to the sad incident. This is an eye opener for all concerned that despite such reporting if remedial actions are not taken by the C&W department Chitral in time, then its officiating staffers be held responsible for all the losses and bad reputation there of. After collapse of concrete bridge at Muxhgol in last July, the entire sub-tehsil population remained disconnected for almost six months and I think it was December 2015, this bridge was erected for light traffic. Now its back is again near to broken, We are afraid of another incident, if proper repair/rehabilitation work is not carried out immediately there. Moreover Chief Minister KPK, MNA, MPA, District Nazim, DC and the executive engineer of C&W Chitral are requested to expedite the sanctioning process of Concrete bridge at Muxhgol. The only bridge of Morder connecting Kosht, adjacent areas of Sub-tehsil Mulkhow also collapsed this March due to heavy rain resulting floods and landslide. Now we hear that C&W department of Mastuj tehsil has filled the broken gap with soil and traffic is opened through it? What an innovative technology and material to play with the precious lives of masses? for God sake all concerned are requested to take notice including human rights activists in Chital, KPK and to play their due role.

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