MNA failed to serve people, should quit, says Tehreek leader

MNA failed to serve people, should quit, says Tehreek leader This was stated by Tehreek’s information secretary Muhammad Pervez Lal of Booni. However, he regretted that when the government was going through the process of tendering the project once again, the APML Member of the National Assembly (MNA) through his stooges was trying to take all the credit for the re-launch of the dead project. He said after about three years, the MNA did not bother to utilize a single penny from his discretionary funds on the development of upper Chitral. Even the MNA withdrew and took away Rs8 million sanctioned for the installation of solar lights in the Booni bazaar. This showed the MNA’s anti-people attitude towards the most backward area of Chitral. The Tehreek leader also criticized the MNA for utterly failing to take up the issues of the people of flood and earthquake affected people with the federal government. He said it was due to the lack of leadership that the State Bank of Pakistan did not issue a notification waiving small agricultural loans of the people even 10 months after the announcement of the prime minister during his visit to Chitral. He said instead of claiming false credit for the re-launch of the road project, the MNA should resign from the assembly for his failure to serve the people of Chitral who have been undergoing through the most difficult time after the two calamities hit the valley last year.]]>

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  1. Mere Dosto insha Allah Tehreek Huqoq Awam Tum Sub Ko Shahzadon ki Jismani Gholami k Bad Zehni Gholami Se B Azad Kare Ga.Azadi Izhar Ka Matlab Apne Huqoq K Liye Awaz Boland Karna Hai Chamcha Gerri Se Muhazab Donia k samne Rasowai K ilawa kuch nehi mile Ga.

  2. hahah on universal truth. secondly any one can get addmission in reputed university where he studied if you are able to pay the tuition fee.

  3. thnks anwar bhai for ur remarks.its universal truth that prince iftikhar is trustworthy,not needy,not a cheap product. its very hard to get higher education in a reputed university in western countries which counts a lot.But critisizm is very easy thing but reality is reality and no one can deny.anyway thnks for ur kind realistic comment and God bless u.

  4. Tehreek Huqooq Awam is the right wing one of the political party in Chitral and they use it for their vested interest and also use for defame of their political opponents. Tehreek is nothing more and no legal status of it. Neither MNA and nor MPA,s is doing something for the welfare of general public except forming mafia of some CHAMCHAS and always trying to benefit them using one way or other. Torkhow road is one of the best example of it.

  5. I would like to very humbly request to all my sheli, respected and learned writers to kindly not use any uncivilized language against anyone and always try to maintain your identity, unique Chitrali culture and use only respectful, graceful, lovely sweet and parliamentarian language that suits you.If something has disheartened you, please try to forget and forgive. Only this way we can stay happy.

  6. of course we dnt care about chitrak future and choose such leaders who cant do abything bcaZ of their poor approach and strength.As a result innocent people are dare loosing their lifes.thnks for ur negative ideas. keep it up

  7. Ask this so called leader of the Tehreek that how many people in his whole village are in talking terms with him. By aligning himself with PPP he cannot show that he is close to masses,other members of the tehreek Sarfaraz Manager and Rahmat Salam are also similar imbeciles in the area.

  8. Excellent! if some one born poor,live like poor and die like poor, well said, the poor has no right to die as rich. They should live and die like poor. …. keep it up and thanks to keep it engraved in our minds that Iftikhar has very very strongest of the strong family background in the whole world. Iftikhar is Australian ostrich, rather bigger than that … don’t the Australians say “who cares”…

  9. This tahreek is a fake tahreek not representing upper chitral more thing who is leading these tahrik those r rejected people from different parties…so the don’t have live within any party now trying to take thir personal advantage through this tahreek….

  10. i agree that not the only mna has to resign. what our sardar hussain has done for chitral. dnt compare him with shahzada iftikhar.mna has got very strong family background and very highly educated and respected person.if some one born poor,live like poor and die like poor.thing thoroughly before making any comment plz.thnks.

  11. Please include the MPA in the list of resignation. He failed to deliver on his promises of remaining in Chitral during winters. He could help visit the flood affected and brought no relief. It is now an open secret that he has failed to be a representative of upper Chitral. Pervez Lal another persona non grata from his party and area accusing the MNA.

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