THQ hospital given not a single rupee in three years

THQ hospital given not a single rupee in three yearsWhen the elected representatives apprised the doctor of the public complaints, he narrated his own helplessness and the lack of resources to provide the citizens with medical facilities. He said the hospital had been facing the shortage of medical, paramedical and other staff and many of the vacant posts could not be filled for years. Besides, he said due to the unavailability of electricity, the X-ray machine and other medical equipment remained non-functional and the patients had to go to private medical centres even for X-rays. Dr Nadir told the members of the village council that for the last three years the hospital had received not a single rupee from the government for the maintenance work. After listening to the helplessness of the hospital incharge, the delegation regretted that the government had totally ignored the hospital, which was supposed to cater to the medical requirements of over 300,000 people. They called upon the KP government to approve funds for the provision of basic medical facilities to the patients.]]>

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  1. The best solution is to merge this facility with AKHS Booni medical center to combine resources and provide quality services

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