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Late MPA remembered as bridge between religio-ethnic communities

DSC_0315 The function was organized at Pamir Public School and Degree College. The gathering was attended by people from all walks of life, including family members of the deceased leader, his colleagues and friends, local intelligentsia, teachers and students. The function was presided over by MPA Salim Khan while Brig (retired) Khush Muhammad Khan, the GM AKES-P Chitral, was the guest of honor. The programme started with recitation from the holy Quran which was followed by Hamd o Naat recited by the school students. Mr. Sajidullah Khan read out a poem written by the famous poet of Chitral Azhar Ali Azhar (nephew) in memory of his uncle which made everyone sad. Another young poet from the family Wasigh Hussain Alhaan also paid tribute to his grandfather in his poem. Khalifa Hakim Darya offered collective dua for the departed soul of Alijah Zainul Abidin which also included prayers for his family. Speaking on behalf of the organizers, Mr. Islam Uddin, Principal of Pamir Public School and College, first thanked the audience and then put light on the purpose of the gathering. He said instead of individual condolence offerings if collective condolences are offered such as this one life would become easier and would also serve the purpose better. He said the man in whose memory today’s reference is being held was an epitome of compassion, love and high moral character. DSC_0040He was one, perhaps the only of his kind, who not only led people but also sacrificed his whole life for the cause of helping others. He was the pioneer of principle-based politics in Chitral and was a true representation of Chitral. He was the first and the only one who acted as a bridge between different religio-ethnic communities of Chitral. He remained the most uncontroversial leader of all time who is being widely respected by all communities. He further said that such people don’t die; they always remain alive in the hearts and minds of the people. A pictorial presentation based on the life of Alijah Zainul Abidin was also shown by Mr Zuhurud Din to the audience which allowed them to look back at time and refresh their minds with unforgettable memories of this great man. This was followed by a short but emotional speech from Mr. Noorul Sabah – a renowned teacher and the nephew of the deceased – who spoke about Abbaji’s (the title with which the family used to address him) love and compassion and general behavior within the family. He said it was unmatched. He thanked the people of Garam Chashma for organizing such an event in memory of his uncle. Renowned educationist Mr. Samad Gul said late Alijah Zainul Abidin was a complete human being. He talked about different phases of his life starting from the military service till the retirement, from social service to voluntary service and from that to the political service. He said that wherever he went; from India to UK to France or Germany; he represented Chitral and its culture there. All the prominent speakers who included his friends, fellows, companions, well wishers and family members highly admired the ever green personality of late MPA Chitral. They were of the opinion that he truly fits in the meaning of BIGNESS AND GREATNESS. They highlighted the core values which he harbored throughout his life; which include humility; compassion; perseverance, kindness, forgiving; ever increasing love; motivation; dedication, determination; honesty, empathy and many more. Those who also spoke on the occasion included Mr. Liaqat Ali, Mr. Sahib Nadir Khan, Advocate Shireen Khan, Mr. Muhammad d Karam, Mr. Gul Murad and Maulana Sirajuddin. DSC_0047The guest of honor in his speech highlighted different life phases of Alijah Zainul Abidin. He said he was a complete human being who had a lion’s heart yet a mother’s compassion and kindness. He said he was above all petty prejudices and biases of mortal life. His towering personality was like an umbrella in whose shade everyone had a place to sit and take comfort. He was above hatred and dishonesty. MPA Chitral Saleem Khan in his presidential address said Alijah Zainul Abidin was a man of principles. He lived his whole life based on high moral values and set principles. Speaking on his special connection with the deceased he said Salim Khan is on this position today all because of late ZainulAbidin. He owed his success to this great man and said if he (Alijah) would not have been there, I would still be a small businessman in Chitral town. In the end, Mr. Naman Zain – the son of the late MPA – thanked the organizers and the people of Garam Chashma for honoring his father in such an impressive manner. Speaking on behalf of his entire family, he said they are ready to follow the path of their beloved father and would always be ready to help and support everyone as and when needed. ]]>

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  1. Gul Jee(Canada) says

    First of all I would like to thank and appreciate from the bottom of my heart to the management of Pamir School &College and Pamir Socirty for the megnificent condolence reference in the memory of our beloved MPA Sahib AliJah Zainul Abedin.The speakers and the arrangement was examplary every ones briefly touched the different factors of Alijah’ life and his services to Chitral people particularly and General public at large.
    Of course Alijah was a Benevolent and loving father,a pritiotic chitrali,a unique human being,a polite politician ,a trustworthy and knowledgeable religious representative of Ismaili community.
    Indeed we lost a lot,but it is our basic belief that he is in a batter place one day we all have to go in the same place.
    The researchers and authors will explore Mohtaram Mekey Alijah Zainul Abeden as a Pioneer of Polite Politics(PPP) in Chitral in coming days.

  2. shams says

    I would like to request all online newspapers of Chitral to tag the death anniversaries of such lovely personalities, like MPA sb, Mehboob Subidar, Dusti Subidar, Gul Nawaz Khakhi, Sharafuddin etc and communicate the anniversary dates to public for offering fateha and express gratitude.

  3. Zahiruddin says

    I would like to thank from the very core of my heart the management of Pamir Public School and College for organizing such a gigantic event in the memory of Late MPA Mr. Zainul Abideen, a towering political scientist who represented Chitral at provincial, national and global level. Although he left us phisically but he will be in our hearts, thoughts and prayers for green because of God gifted countless qualities in his personality.May his souls rest in peace. Ameen
    Reply ↓

  4. Shah Karez says

    This nation needs leaders of his ilk for survival and prosperity.He has left an example of cleanness, steadfastness, and a life without an iota of corruption in his political career. I request our leaders to follow his model.

  5. shams says

    Thanks to the management of Pamir Public School and College Garumchashma for organizing such a good event. Of course MPA Sb was a brilliant personality, he has served the whole Chitral irrespective of region, race and religion. We request others to follow his ideology. He will be remembered for ever.

  6. Fayaz roomi says

    We miss him and pledge to follow his footsteps.

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