8 Replies to “37 teachers promoted to BPS-17”

  1. I agree with the sugession Syed sardar hussain MPA to review the qaqlash housing scheme project if the govt,is sincere need to shift the affected people in qaqlasht with water project,

  2. Hearty congratulation to all the head teachers for their promotion, esprcially to our highly respected Sardar Ali sb, the newly appointed HM GHS, Istaru.

  3. congratulations to all teachers on their promotions.Education and specially quality education is the question of our life and death.All the promoted teachers as HM must strive to promote quality education as this is the indispensable requirement for the 21st century.At the same time, the department of education KPK must also ensure keeping and maintaining open merit policy It will promote healthy educational competition in the sector of education. As there are highly competent educated youth with relevant expertise who can play a great role in promoting quality education in Chitral and KPK.
    Nizar Ali Shah
    Harchin Chitral

  4. I would like to congratulate Mr. Haji Murad, Mr. Shapir Khan and Mr. Sardar Ali on their promotion to grade 17. We wish them all the very best, and wanna see Mr Haji Murad to turn GHS Mastuj into one of the best schools of the district. This man (Haji Murad) deserved this position long, long ago.

  5. Please convey my heartiest congratulation to my respected teachers Sardar Ali, Istach, Haji Murad Khan, Mastuj, Muhammad Ibrahim Laspur and Shapir Khan, Dizg for their regular promotion to BPS- 17.

  6. In addition to that Mr. Muhammad Ibrahim SST Math,Physics and Sardar Hayat SST (G)have been as SS, Mathematics and English in BPS-17,respectively and have been posted at GHSS, Shagram.

  7. We extend our heartiest congratulation to the teachers promoted on the posts of HM in Chitral District.Being custodian of the young generation, we hope, they are determined to ensure honesty in their new responsibilities.Best of luck!

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