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  1. javed karim says

    100 pc agreed with sarwar kamal. they are planting saplings so for the timber mafia to become billionaires, there will be no benefit to general masses. on the other hand, forest will continue losing green cover as it did in the past in the hands of timber mafia of chitral.

  2. sarwar kamal says

    I would like to ask both from the KP gov and forest department,what steps have been taken against the timber mafia.If you are distributing 50 thousands saplings, on the other side we are losings 1000 deodar trees per day.Everybody knows the cradability of forest department.Unless and untill we will not resolve our fuel issues i can say this initiative will be a waste of money and time

  3. Nizar Ali Shah says

    Denuded forests show us that it has come to a horrible stage and this is highly crucial that communities individually and collective should realize the importance of afforestation.The government should announce it as month of plantation campaign through the mass media.Distribution of plants is a good step but safeguarding the plants once planted is even more important.There are certain areas where free grazing is still prevalent.Every year the government forest department distributes plants to local communities and individual but so far it is still unknown what was the survival rate of those planted trees.who would share these information related to the survival rates of plants.In management it is being said that every one’s responsibility is no one’s responsibility.
    Nizar Ali Shah
    Harchin Chitral

  4. Sultan Wazir says

    I appreciate the District Forest Officer Chitral and the Conservator Forest department at this achievement. We shall further appreciate the DFO Forest Chitral if he makes it possible to the public to know the schedule of such
    distribution of plants for Farm-forestry in other areas of Chitral so as to enable them to take the benefits. The DFO should also give a detail of the stock of plants available at different locations, through the print media. The Deputy Commissioner Chitral is requested kindly to take care of this whole exercise.

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