Man seeks help to treat four visually impaired children

blind DROSH: Munawar Khan, a resident of Naghar, Drosh, has four children who are visually impaired by birth. Their aged father is unable to bear the cost of medical treatment to bring light to their innocent eyes. As a last resort and in order to make his loved ones see the world like other children, he has appealed for financial assistance for their treatment. Any Chitrali philanthropist can contact Munawar Khan at this phone number (03349233751) and get details on how to help him out.–(Hamidur Rehman Haqqi).]]>

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  1. The district government can create a social safety nets for such types of people and their children.Once the local institutions are strong then money would not be a problem.The district people s representatives can chalk out a program to deal with such type of deprived people or they can be helped through pakistan baitul mall or through Zakat fund.In the absence of strong mechanism there are countless problems related with welfare that the present district council should concentrate on.people have reposed their confidence on them now they should try to address these issues.The man with his four blind children on the road begging for help it all shows our overall apathy.
    Nizar Ali Shah
    Harchin Chitral

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