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  1. Mottasim Billah says

    What is a grade? Grade is a joke. Grade is the other name of incompetence in case of Pakistani society with exception of few. Grade is the second name of parasites. Grade is the name of a greedy lot. Grade is the title of those who could not differentiate between “than and then”. Grade is the weapon of those who are unaware of the power of knowledge. Grade is a shield for those who are half literate. Grade is a curse which destroyed society. Grade is pride for “pakhti pass”.
    I can say hundreds of things on those who take pride on their grades. The big man never runs after the grade. Try to impress us Mr Grade Athara (18) with your knowledge and not with your grade. You could be impressed of your grade 18 yourself but I am not impressed of you at all because the thing which matters to me is knowledge and not the grade. You could have earned the respect of the people if you could have been a learned man.

  2. Amir Muhammad ADAO Chitral says

    All my brothers and sisters who dont like miss Shahida MK.being a mstriculate teacher,are requested that i m also a matriculate officer of grade 18.Most of the degree holders have obtained their degrees through cheating and offering costly gifts and foods to the examination staff on duty but Miss shahida MK had not used any kind of cheating during her student career.And the most valuable judges to decide this issue are the students and their parents.All the students and their parents r 100% satisfied of the teaching tactics of shahida and the administrative control of mam Carey. Than who r these persons who offer suggestions to the principal for appointment or termination of school teachers and staff.Mam Carrey should bear in mind that we all the parents of your school/College students are quite satisfied with all the teachers who hold certificates or degrees.The people who write agaist the beloved teachers of Langland School are in fact trying to fail ur plannings and to facilitate the so called public shools. Mam,Plz be very carefull and do not give importance to these negative minded writers.. Thanx Mam..

  3. Chitrali says

    I agree with Nizar Shah sb. Let the British lady do her job. We should be thankful to her for serving our people. We all concern about the standard of education and we hope she will both quality and management. I will suggest to all the learned writers please use your knowledge in positive direction and please do not bring a bad name to the school by expressing your personal grudges in media.

  4. Nizar Ali Shah says

    Dear colleagues and friends
    we the parents are worried about the quality of education of our children.If Miss Cary and her team improves the quality of education in the school and college then we will stand by them.GDLangland and his team also played a great role according to that time.Since Miss Cary has taken the responsibility of improving the quality of education in the school and college, we as parents should stand by her and her team.Let us agree that we all strengthen this institution according to our capacity.we all have the right to have a different point of view promoting healthy difference of opinion for better quality education for our children.
    During the second world war the British prime minister Wintson Churchill had agreed not to bomb reputed Universities in Germany and the Germany had reciprocated by not attacking the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge and after that the British prime minister shifted his office to the premises of the university of oxford and the University of Cambridge.Institutions cannot be established over-night.Hopefully we as Chitrali would not make a storm in a tea cup. Good educational institutions should be our identity and transferring it to the next generation.
    Nizar Ali Shah
    Harchin Chitral

  5. Minhaj says

    Ms Shahida is not the only matriculate teacher as the school’s Balach section is also being headed by another matriculate, who is equally overconfident. Sometimes she even tried to interfere in matters of the school’s senior section when Carey was not in town. She even claims of transfering the bank account of the school to another bank ignoring the services provided by the current bank. The English written by the teachers of tbe school has forced us to believe that it is not an English medium school headed by a British lady rather a third-class government school where there is no concept of English.

    1. Khalid khan says

      Funny to see that discussion is on degree not on knowledge’this is our problem that we while criticising others r ignoring th universal truth that knowledge is th only criteria of ability not a degree,I was shocked to know that some of our elders instead of appreciating th ability of miss shahida r criticising her,it is an honour for those parents whose children r in primary section that a teacher of primary section has th ability to post English poetry,it is also alarming that our eldrs while criticising others r crossing th limits of ethics’norms and morality,I remained student of miss shahida and found her one of th best teacher,her teaching method’her style of caring th pupils,her technique to engage th student in studies in their out of school period,all r outstanding and and appreciable,miss shahida is our star teacher we r proud of her—-manahil khalid

  6. Amir Khan Chitral says

    We would have accepted the decisions of Miss Carey if she had done it according to merit….but appointing a simple matriculate person raises doubts and questions???? Indeed this is a serious concern, how a matriculate can lead and provide a quality education ???? Miss Carey should now revise her policies in order to bring improvement.

  7. Saleem says

    Shahida MK
    Again any common impartial judge can see not one or two but dozens of mistakes in your comments…This is the case with most of the present teachers..I have do….then instead of than….etc This is what we are facing …a rise in fee and standard down to earth kissing the ground…we, as parents, request DC SB to interfere and clear all this mess and save our children.

  8. Salman Ali says

    Shahida MK: I am far better than these “Pahti pass MA English”, who could hardly communicate in Khori war (English). Perhaps this is what Ms Shahida hit hard at her critics.
    But jokes apart, her attempt to write poetry in jubilation to celebrate Ms Carey’s return deserves appreciation. She speaks her heart out. This is called true love. Honestly speaking, I just went crazy to see the way she retaliated. She, without an iota of doubt, is a very CONFIDENT lady. And, this is for sure she can give confidence to her students.
    So dear Mrs Shahida Mk, keep up the good work. Celebrate your victory to the fullest. We have seen scores of MA English, MSc Biology murmuring in front of Ms Carey. The thing which matters is knowledge even if you are holding a degree in Urdu or even pashto.
    Sadat Hassan Manto is an example. He was the man who was not interested in formal education. He was a matric fail. But the thing which made him prominent is KNOWLEDGE, and TALENT. Talent has no alternative. So Mrs Shahida must not feel threatened of those who make fun of her, call her matriculate.
    The critics must keep in mind that she is far better than you pakhti pass MSc Biology, Chemistry, History, Persian, English, etc. The thing which matters is how sincere and good human being she is. We all must accept that she has the guts to express her feelings openly.

  9. saima nawaz says

    Dear People who are against the matriculate teacher, may I remind you that I am myself a matriculate and its no shame,
    Y are you people against her, I think she wrote a poem out of care and love for her
    principal. You people should appreciate her and guide her in her work.
    I am proud of you Shahida MK

  10. Zia Mohammad Anwar says

    I am astonished by what I am reading in your blogs. I was a student of Mrs. Shahida when she was a teacher in Muslim School Chitral,I was proud of her being my teacher it was she who taught me how to pronounce the English words then she left Muslim and joined Langland, after a few years I also was admitted in Langland by this time I was in class 9th , but whenever I had problems in my studies I went to Mrs. Shahida. Her guidance was a beam of light for me, At present I am a certified Electrical Engineer
    working in Lahore.
    My hats off to Mrs.Shahida. She come from a family of highly educated people, one of her brother is a Fianance Manager at Wallstreet branch Kuwait. The other one is a Senior Inspector in Canadian Police, her 3rd brother is running a Pakistani School in Kuwait, her fourth brother is a MBA in Human Resources and finance from UK.This information was not given to me by Mrs. Shahida, but from Pakistan Embassy Kuwait, Pakistan Embassy KSA Pakistan Commission Sri-lanka.
    The people who say she is only matriculate,must have at least some tolerance in them.
    I feel these new teachers are very unprofessional, they do not even know the meaning of the word TEAM, they are only there to point out mistakes of their colleagues.
    and I am giving an open challenge to them to face me or Mrs. Shahida in a debate on
    tolerance.( if they know the true meaning and spirit of the word ).
    They keep on saying she is a matriculate, if that is an issue then I dont think we should read any physics, chemistry, biology, Islamiat, Social Studies, Civics and burn all these text books, because the founders of all these subjects and more, were also not matriculates. They were thinkers and they started their theories,upon which
    the modern science is based on.
    I am not praising Mrs. Shahida because she wrote a poem, you mba OR WHATEVER degree holders cannot even imagine to do that, leave aside doing it.
    Shame on you all, instead of supporting your fellow teacher you people are degrading yourself by not respecting her.

  11. Qutub ul Arefeen says

    Dear amjad, she can write much more poetry. after all a simple matriculate teacher is getting salary up to 5 digits while on the other hand many competent teachers were kicked off by carey. may be carey is on the background and giving hidden advises to her matriculate teacher for these poetry in order to glorify herself in front of people. just think that, what will be her reaction if carey shows the termination doors to her??? anyhow, it is my kind advise to carey that tell her matriculate teacher to stop these poetry because a good leader/manager is not appreciated by his/her own staff. it is appreciated by public. to write some poetry in your favor is not a certification of your progress.

    1. Shahida Mk says

      Yes dear I agree that I am a matriculate teacher but again proud to say that I can teacher much more better then the Chitrals M.A English teachers.And for your kind information I and my staff we don’t need Mam Carey’s simpthy what we all are getting from Mam Carey is due to our hard work and progress which she knows better then you.

    2. Shahida Mk says

      AlhamduliAllah I am getting sallery in 5 digits.Mam Carey is not on the background she and we all say and work in front of all.and thanks to God that not only my staff appreciate me but all my seniors my students parents my students all do.I don’t have to give any certification of my progress to any of you.if I,ll be shown the doors of termination from Mam Carey my reaction won’t be as my terminated friends and teacher did I will say thankyou to Mam and all my loving staff seniors and juniors male or females drivers ayas and chokeders who cared loved respect and always were and with me whenever I needed them.

  12. Amjad says

    The same matriculate teachers writes again today
    “Waiting for u in CHITRAL is a beautiful pain
    Just like a desert waiting for its very rain.”
    Such praise only comes forth when there is flattery and only flattery is the means of survival while talented people don’t care about such stuff. Carey must understand now the psyche of these people and how they try to receive her favour and other benefits after all she is not a kid not to understand all these tactics.

  13. Carey lovers says

    Dear amjad you are right. This is just numbering . Actually this is a battle for survival. Every one wants to take sympathies of Carey.But Carey be carefull this time. Any favouritism and nepotism will again let you towards huge destruction.

  14. Amjad says

    I would like to share the poetic creation of the honey tongued admirer of Carey found on the wall of Carey which contains the extreme undigestive marks of grammar and low level of high praise…sorry to say the female teacher who created this got prophetic inspirations from her madam..
    Welcome back Carey
    You still looks like fairy
    Life showed you a lots of ups and downs
    But you still has a shinning crowns
    The very change in school and life you
    ….I just don’t forgot
    But now every heart sing s happy song
    It was hard you was apart so long
    We got victory.this is the celebration
    We thank god for this creation
    Thankyou for coming back
    And covering all the cracks
    I can’t share my hearts feelings
    Hope you succeed in all you dealings
    Welcome back to home

    1. Shahida Mk says

      I am proud of what I have written even if I have do any grammatical mistake although I haven’t and very soon I will be posting another poetry.

  15. Minhaj says

    Salman ali ! You are right! The govt must constitute a new BOG for the school..the existing ones is useless with no educatoinist in it…it contains hotel owners and horse racers!

  16. Mottasim Billah says

    The same foreigner lady used to call Abdullah as the encylopedia of the school. I still remember him walking from one school to another by lifting her handbag. Then God knows, things changed all of a sudden. He was kicked like no one else by the respected madam of Sir Abdullah. He started a movement against her along with other sacked teachers. This provided a golden opportunity to some opportunists to cash in on the situation. They cashed it. The needful was done by others while flatterers will now rob the innocent foreigner lady in getting promotions, pay rise, sponsoring their incompetent children and why not. Soon a similar crisis will start. Abdullah will win the case in the court and then we will see who will terminate him.

  17. Salman Ali says

    May I ask the board of governors what are they going to do about the future of the teachers whose services were terminated by the British principal? Is this justified to ruin six poor families whose children have stopped going to school as their parents no longer can afford their educational expenses? On the other hand, the principal is bent upon giving admission to INCOMPETENT children of matriculate female teachers of the school. I challenge, the boy who was given admission in first year has not passed even a single monthly test despite getting admission bulldozing the merit. I request the board of governors and the Deputy Commission Chitral to hold a thorough probe into out-of-turn admission to the son of a matriculate teacher. Otherwise, we have all the rights to drag all these people to the court. There exists no merit, no professionalism in the school. Involvement of the District Administration in matters of the school is need of the hour.

    1. Zakirullah says

      Dear Sir,
      If you so much worried about education in Pakistan, then please try just try to stop the lies in your textbooks, especially about history of Pakistan.
      I don’t think you are a educated person, just remember matriculate is done after ten years and your MA is just 2 years and you can buy MA degrees for RS 10 thousand but cannot buy a Matriculate degree.
      I know as I am a afgahni and have lived in Pakistan all my life.

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