Chitrali artists perform in Karachi

KARACHI: A group of artists from Chitral performed here along with singers from Gilgit-Baltsitan.

showThough I could not watch the programme for the whole time, I stayed with the youth for more than three hours. Mr. Sultan Wazir, a retired commissioner of excise and taxation, was chief guest while this scribe was honored as president of the show. Mr. Fazlur Rehman Shahid, a renowned senior poet and cultural activist, performed as stage secretary.

Keeping aside the short coming we old people have often been critical of, it deserves appreciation that our students, despite their very meager means, enable Chitralis to a have a get together and refreshment once in a year. Such a gathering brings our Chitrali brothers and sisters in close interaction, irrespective of their religious, political, ethnic and regional affiliations.

Here meet inhabitants of Broghel, Arandu, Laspur,-Torkhow, Terich, Lotkhow and Ghizer of the vast terrains of the Hindukush and Qaraquram which revives their cultural binding. Such kind programmes also provide opportunities for the youth of chitral who are permanently settled in Karachi, to get some know-how about their parent culture. I have been one of the sharp critics of our cultural activities when these are made fun by violating the very norms of their characteristics. We have nearly forgotten the original Chitrali Music, the old Khowar songs and the musical instruments. T

o tell the truth during two hours music programme, I could enjoy only one old song of Amir Gul Amir, sang by Ansar Elahi. It was told that the same was desired by a music fan from Ghizer on the phone. The other songs (ghazals) and music were sweet but not Khowar all together. Except Chitrali Sithar and damama (kettle drum) no Chitrali musical instrument was seen at the stage. Discipline was maintained but not in dancing. It was the same ‘recruits’ drill’ when new recruits of security forces just start their first training. Despite its drawbacks, we say thanks to the president CSWA and his cabinet for arranging this entertainment for us.

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