DC Chitral, AC Mastuj set example for others: MPA

sardarCHITRAL: MPA from upper Chitral Sardar Hussain has appreciated the services of Deputy Commissioenr Chitral Osama Ahmad Waraich and AC Mastuj Hamidullah Khan Khattak.In a letter to the chief secretary of KP, the MPA said the two officers have done commendable efforts in timely completion of relief and rehabilitation activities as well as for the distribution of compensation packages among the affected people in the area. The anti-encroachment drive launched by the district administration is highly commendable as Mr Waraich is the first deputy commissioner in the history of Chitral who started this drive with a missionary zeal. He said the anti-encroachment campaign was well overdue but no such action was taken in the past due to unknown reasons. Besides, he adedd, these officers were also playing a pivotal role in the execution of development projects on a fast track and in an efficient and transparent manner. “I would like to say that they are striving hard round-the-clock to provide better services to the people of the district while making all the departments functional in their true spirit. Lastly, I would say that both of them have set a good example for others,” the MPA said. https://twitter.com/DC_Chitral/status/668385116557824000]]>

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  1. No doubt,DC chitral is doing commendable job.But at the same time we must not forget the services of our chitrali officers ,the AC’s,who have put up a good show during crunch times especially in dealing with post flood and earth quake scenario.To name a few Mr.Muhammad saleh,Mr.Basharat,Mr.Abdul Akram; last but not the least Mr.Minhassuddin AC Mastuj who did exceptionally well during his tenure and added feather in the cap of ours as a real sons of chitral.We expect them to do even better even if they are posted out districts as the better they do the more the bring good name to the Whole district.Keep it up officers!

  2. Both the deputy commissioner and the ACs are shouldering their duties positively and as result the district is on the way of right track.still there are many things to be done by the political leadership of Chitral MNA both the MPAs upper and lower Chitral should play their positive role in writing off the agricultural loans which the Prime Minister had already exempted from payment during his visits to Chitral.
    These were those agricultural loans which had been availed by poor farmers. Since the prime minister is the chief executive of Pakistan, so far no notification in this respect has been issued to those banks where the poor men had taken the small agricultural loans and the respective banks are insisting that those who got this loan must pay them.
    This dichotomy of action is beyond the grasp of a common man.The DC Chitral can also play a great role in bringing it to the notice of the CM KP so the the promises of the PM must be implemented in true spirit.
    Those who had to pay the loans in July 2015 did not pay pinning high hopes on those assurances of the Prime minister and now if the decisions are not implemented then the already flood stricken plus earthquake affectees will further be marginalized.
    Nizar Ali Shah
    Harchin Chitral.

  3. Very good and appreciated statement Shah sab, you are the One in PPP who understand the real issue of the common people, as compared to Saleem Khan who was sitting with Mafia and talking against DC to resign otherwise to stop anti encroachment action in Chitral.

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