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Financial support provdied to flood-hit students

brep copy The president told the families that they were in the process of expanding the relief to other affectees also. The president also said they were in contact with indigenous and foreign donors to collect fund for supporting the families so that the financial constraints could not hinder the children from getting education. Alkarim Welfare Society president and general secretary said during and after the disasters many organizations and people came forward to support the affectees for the basic surviving needs such as ration, shelter and medicine. However, it has been seen that many of the families could not support children’s education after the disasters. Resultantly, the children had to discontinue education midway. Alkarim Welfare Society has initiated another programme to provide education support for the flood affectees in different flood-hit areas of tehsil Mastuj. It is because the society believes that supporting flood affectees for the education of the children can bring positive changes.]]>

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