PTI Chitral convener criticizes former office-bearers

pti A new office of the PTI was also inaugurated in the Drosh town on the occasion. Addressing the gathering, Mr Ghazi came down hard on the former office-bearers of the PTI Chitral and said that after the elections 2013 they closed their offices and remained disconnected with the people. He said if such an attitude persisted among the office-bearers, the fate of the PTI would not be different from that of the PPP. Other speakers on the occasion assailed the timber mafia of Chitral and said that besides illegally cutting the forests they also deprived the royalty holders of their rights. They also demanded that an inquiry should be initiated against former DC Aminul Haq for the irregularities and violation of merit in the appointment of Chitral levies personnel. They also said that the former DC also influenced the local government elections to benefit the Jamaat-e-Islami. Those who spoke on the occasion included Haji Sultan Muhammad, Razitu Billah, Haji Gul Nawaz, Irshad Mukarar and Sami Ullah.–Reporting by Jahan Zeb]]>

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  1. Khalil ta hami luwan poshi sareran ki tu di local electiona ticket no toriran muzhari. Khair sher intizar kori halbos ta di tarur. Korum ka ki no arer asay tan no behchur, awa di tigeran muzhar wa Chief ma miki no awa horo sirf Imran Khano bachain support no koman balkay hes tan e self made mosh wa partio zarurat. Hamunia pat haya party di ta ghon namo khoshtay comment dyak chalawoshoni hanisay maidana giti korum korailik. PTI Zindabad.

  2. Det la xhan bumo parengi tan mik chiefo sora qahar kori. Wa nagah daraka dos ki hami roi khyot dichunyan ta miko sari. Hash chuchu leader biko sar no bik jam. Korman darak niki awa leader re mahmez kori hera diti, hash leaderanan gaan sayeer, phishpilgaan aloi, sina pechur, tegar ki no hoi bokhta sang koni roi, zomtu chakeni, ishturelik boi rumo arqo chake…thei di ki no korum kori pashawe na, luwan dosan bareko bash?? Haan iluwo khur kaar dare awa di tiger asum Imran Khano, pisa safan barabar korem mo kori lorur korum pisa royante.
    PS: I am writing in roman English which does not mean that I can’t write in English. I am very good writer. I am a very good speaker. And can write to Imran Khan and can even approach him if you people kept inaugurating party offices without paying any heed to the problems faced by the people of Chitral. A stich in time saves nine!

  3. @ Khalil ta ghona namo badal kori comment dyako juwanio sar ho zaru bik jam. Khowaro e matal sher ki Juwano rang abatha re. ta he halat sher

  4. Both Khalil and Afrasiyb’s comment in Khowar were very much sweet and we laughed for quite a long time and will continue laughing when remind these comments and or when we see Chief with covered neck and young MNA/MPA.
    We should admit facts that so for non of them have been able to do something for the people and specially for the affected & much needy people after july/August flood. Federal and Provincial Government announced grants to the affectees are not released. This is the test case for our Chief (PTI) MNA & MPAs. The only difference is that Chief with closed neck is seen in Chitral when MNA and MPA with open neck are not seen. The need is to support Chief and also young MNA and MPA and wait & see for their performance.

  5. Chief sb is an experienced man and PTI needed a person like him to run the affairs of the party. Until now the party was in shatters as amateurs were running it like a youth society, his presence at the helm would definitely give stability to the party and which will pave way for intra-party elections.

  6. Khalil. horo juwan kori kya kosan. hey juwanan wa kya purainay binian. Ispa Sardar Hussain o che Shazda sb loriko juwan wa atetan mokho poshiko bachain toba. Chief wa di kura khabara asur dawra koyan, wa bayan gorum doyan. Wa hes tan district counsillerio gani kya tatain kya hono prushta rhuphoya.

  7. Muta brar Charno chief we dolu phaniran khai district councilo mumbar bity. Kash ki ispa brar nachar hono bogduwan nasen be fitaan ki chineseer kanduri mendar besaam ho sari, afsos boyan mitan korman poshi mitan luwante duni. Mitan lu asmani mitan korum chor ana no, gorbandan botao buki krenjan khoshteko bachen kya korin boi kya hami zaru bup ginyan sum?? Ispa xhan sha besher mitan saar MNA aar gani councilora pat prik Chew sera ugho dreko bash…

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