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Probe against former DC demanded

Nazir Ahmed Nazir Ahmed[/caption] In a statement issued here on Sunday, Nazir Ahmed thanked the chief minister and the KP government for transferring the DC from Chittal on the persistent demand of the PTI workers. But he said just transferring the DC was not enough and there was a need to launch an impartial investigation into allegations that Aminul Haq sold out employments in the Chitral Levies. He said that during his over two-year stint in Chitral, the former DC made the district administration the den of a particular religious party besides committing large-scale corruption. The ISF leader said Aminul Haq was involved in corruption in the appointment of Chitral Levies personnel and an investigation should be carried out against him so that justice can be provided to those deserving candidates who were denied their right to employment by selling the posts for millions of rupees. He also alleged that the former DC utilized millions of rupees from the government kitty in support of the particular religious party in the recent local government elections against the interests of the PTI.–Bashir Hussain Azad]]>

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  1. khan says

    men grow up, it is cheap to discuss personalities let alone about transferring of a govt official. can a change come in the lives of chitralis after that dc was sent packing and another one will come from outside chitral.

  2. Altamish says

    Just chill that Carey is not coming back and soon your day dreaming of succeeding in you ugly motives to stop her entry will shatter into pieces. You were also not ready to believe that the DC will ever be posted out. You are also not ready to accept any of his additional assistant commissioberns will also be sent out in a similar manner. You will also see the AACs packing in a more unceremonious manner very soon in far of areas like Kohistan and sone tribal agencies or Dera Ismail Khan as punishment. And yes on a very serious note let me tell you that stop dragging the army chief into the controversy. If you do not howto criticise a person you better remain within the limits.

    1. ali shahpar says

      No government servant is posted on any position for life. Every one gets transferred. All the AAC’s and AC’s have served in Chitral for more than 3 years and soon will be transferred in routine. DC also served fro long and is not posted in Kohistan but has been posted on a coveted position as DG Civil Defense. So 6 months on and with all the hue and cry you people could not bring back Carey, post out DC or any of the AAC’s. Had the DC been transferred when Sirajul Mulk accused him of stealing money and asking Bank Alfalah for money he would have been successful. But seems no one takes HH Siraj seriously except for some people like you who just still want to remain a loyal servant of the State of Chitral.

  3. nadir khan says

    very funny we always start making hue and cry after ppl at helms leave their posts and depart from Chitral. your party is in power in kpk and after the transfer of the DC you say he used money to defeat PTI, man you make my day. why you remained so silent. if i am not harmed, it may be true that the DC took bribe and sold the posts in chitral levies but it is also said that he gave pti local leaders their share according to their worth in the appointments to keep them silent to the violation of merit in the hiring. now when the pti starts shouting for a probe it is nothing but “the pot calling the kettle black.”

  4. Samiul Mulk says

    If I were the DC, I would have sued this guy. Kuch sharam hoti hei, kuch haya hoti he, kuch ethics hotei hein, but these PTI trolls have crossed all the limits of decency for cheap publicity. I would like to make it clear that the DC was not transferred on the demands of the PTI. If you are that brave why did you fail to transfer the DEO (female) Zohra Jalal? If you were that honest why don’t you demand a probe against those involved in illegal cutting of trees? If you are that brave why you have failed to complete the bypass road, which defaced the whole Chitral town? The credit to oust DC Chitral Aminul Haq goes to Sirajul Mulk and those who are making efforts to bring back Carey Schofield, the British principal of Langlands School and College, Chitral.

    1. ali shahpar says

      Every thing good happening under the sun is by virtue of His Highness Sirajul Mulk the great. You won’t believe it but NASA also acknowledges that water found on Mars was mainly due to the efforts and contribution of HH Sirajul Mulk. It was learnt through reliable sources that General Raheel Sharif has approached HH for his extension and the Government of Pakistan has requested HH to look away and let the General retire. On a separate note, HH Sirajul Mulk put all his eggs in one basket called Madam Carey and within a week of ousting her the Government apologized to HH for this ill action and assured him that She will be brought back within a week. Some local people who are ill informed and Jealous of HH Sirajul Mulk’s popularity also point out that it has been almost 6 months since she was ousted and not brought back, but such people are just Naive and HH got busy in his Hotel Business due to large number of people visiting Chitral due to flood crisis.

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