PTI Chitral wants transfer of DC within 10 days

PTI They said that instead of carrying out his official responsibilities the deputy commissioner was working for the promotion of Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) and had the full backing of its leaders. The convention was held at the Govt Commerce College hall in which party’s district convener Rehmat Ghazi was chief guest. The gathering was presided over by senior party leader retired Wing Commander Fardad Ali Shah. A large number of PTI workers and members of the tehsil and district councils were also present. The speakers said the deputy commissioner was promoting corruption and using all government resources against the PTI. They said one of the main reasons behind the PTI’s poor show in the recently-held local government elections was a number of measures taken by the deputy commissioner against the party. They said the KP government’s failure to transfer the DC despite repeated requests by the district leadership of the PTI and other people made it clear that the provincial government had made Chitral a hostage in the hands of the JI. They said it seemed that Ameenul Haq had been appointed as the DC Chitral to carry out only the directions of JI chief Sirajul Haq, minister for local government Inayatullah and finance minister Muzaffar Saeed. The PTI leaders and workers said despite being in power in the province, they were not being listened to by officials of any government department, creating a sense of deprivation among the workers. They also regretted that an amount of Rs300 million developmnet funds released by the provincial government were utilized by the JI Chitral in a single union council only to defeat the candidate of the PTI. On the other hand, the provincial government led by the PTI had even no courage to inquire about the utilization of the amount. They said that the government should conduct an inquiry into the misuse of the funds and take action against the responsible for its misappropriation.—Bashir Hussain Azad ]]>

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  1. I observed some of the commentators spitting venom against pti and one of its senior leaders. I just wanted to say that ptis popularity is raising day by day in chitral. People forget things very quickly that chitral was second larkana and later the only place in Pakistan where Musharraf managed to win seat. In that background we see pti now stood second position behind the religious alliance and managed to defeat big mafias in Kosht, Charon and lotkhow UC who were known horses in the horse trading business. Secondly we expect from the pti leadership to complete the intra part elections in chitral and let the workers choose their leader. I think the current pti conveyor is an experienced man and will come upto the expectations and put the party in track in chitral.

  2. Instead of thinking about the causes of defeat in the local bodies elections in Chitral, the PTI Chitral has started politics of blame game, as their central leaders are crying over the so-called Dhaandlee. The local leaders are also stepping on the footsteps of their central leaders “blaming politics”. What will be the outcome of this protest against the DC, has he rigged elections in favor of any party, any man from Dir is considered as loyal to Jamat Islami! so any civil officer from Nowshera or Peshawar will be considered loyal to PTI? When these sort of thinking and imaginations will stop and how these PTI leaders and workers will be educated about how to win peoples vote, and when will the PTI leadership become mature!

  3. In fact Chitral is politically orphan. People pinned high hope on Sardar Hussain because he was untested. But except rhetoric he has failed to do anything on ground. Same was the case with Shahzada Iftikharuddin. He was educated and young, energetic. Plus he had the tag of being the son of Shahzada Mohiuddin. But the day he took oath as MNA he also proved to be a political novice. He has no idea what are his responsibilities.
    If there had been a strong leader the DC is nobody to defy his orders. After all a bureaucrat is a bureaucrat and he deals with politicians according to their worth. If you keep on stealing timber, request for posting of a PTC teacher, you will never be able to control even a tiny additional assistant commissioner let alone a DC who somewhat enjoys enough power.

  4. Some PTI activists made similar attempts against the DEO (female) Chitral at a press conference after the lady officer did not bow to their pressure of illegal transfer and posting. Now, they have stepped up the efforts against the Dc after facing a humiliating defeat in the local government elections. I would like to ask these PTI walas that who was behind a humiliating defeat in May 2013 general elections. The poor DC was not there when the elections were taking place. And most recently when the Lg elections were taking place, a gentleman was about to face another defeat if Abu lais had not stood up in the elections. Thanks to decedent PPP wala which paved the way for PTI to secure a seat or else they were set to be ruined in UC Charun.
    The problem with PTI Chitral is that they do not have the leadership qualities. Same is the case with All Pakistan Muslim League (AMPL) Chitral as an unknown entity which does not even know the ABC of the politics created unrest among its leadership. The elected representatives who got elected from the platform of APML disappointed the people, making it 100pc confirmed that next time no one is going to vote Pervez Musharraf if these people were given tickets in 2018 elections. The people who were lying that PM Nawaz Sharif is gonna visit Chitral again and much more rubbish claims, has forced the people that both APML and its leadership must not be given another chance next time even by mistake. These people exploited the name of Gen Musharraf’s name. Those who bagged votes in the name of the poor general, were seen nowhere when he was being humiliated in the courts, kutchries, etc. The people of Chitral should give a chance to the young boy from laspur as he seems more courageous than our MNA. This gentleman from Laspur can better defend the saviour of Chitral Gen Musharraf. The time has come to fully reject the APML leadership. I would also suggest the supporters of Gen Musharraf to sign a petition in favour of the gentleman from Laspur as Iftikharuddin is believed to flexing muscles to join either PML-N or the JUI-F???? Beware.

  5. Is meeting jay aik bat se mein itifaq karta hun kay PTI Chitral mein bohot maqbool jamat hai aur anay walay waqt mein bohot agay jaigi

  6. Through this convention PTI has shown that it is an active party. Not all the parties have guts to convene meetings. Despite the differences within the party, it has managed to bring people together and they have criticized each other and the party policies.
    DC should be shown the door to Dir where he belongs, he has been a Jamati through out his career. Secondly the CM is to be blamed who refuse to budge when was asked by the PTI leaders few months earlier to tranfer him, otherwise the results would have been different.

  7. Bravo PTI, atleast the party has guts to criticize its own govt. The DC should have been removed earlier. This one eyed guy is chamcha of the jamaat and played with the results of the recent local government elections. He posted the teachers of the pro jamat and their teacher wives to support the religious alliance.

  8. The reporter has just forgotten to mention the name of a single speaker who has demanded removal if the DC. This shows how brave, how clean and how honest these speakers are. In fact not a single person shown in the photograph has the the courage to openly come out against the DC. Besides some enployees also spoke on the occasion. Is it possible for a tiny govt employee to press for the transfer of the top district baboo. Even the elected members of the district council are not so powerful as the DC still has enough power in his hands to settle scores with his opponents. But even then many known faces shown in the picture has a controversial history. How can you demand removal of the DC when you yourself has nothing which the people can appreciate. Formation of a separate political party, protecting the glaciers, turning Chitral into a haven, and being so madly in love with its soil when you are taking the last breath, etc. All these “khiyali pulao” are nothing but a good joke with the people of Chitral or a good way out to pass some leasure time by wholeheartedly accpting your failure.

  9. The double standards of PTI reflects from their demand to transfer the deputy commissioner. The demands came from no other than a ring master of the timber mafia. His friends are enjoying behind bars and his turn will also come soon. I would rather demand the provincial high-ups of PTI to cleanse the party of people like him. The reason behind the defeat of the party is the corrupt local leadership of PTI and not the DC. The only reason for which I do not like the DC is his tilt towards some sacked teachers of a private school otherwise there is no fault with him. And he should stay if he remains neutral in the school controversy. One thing more that the PTI provincial government must get rid of black sheep within the party or else there is no future for the party and the recent defeat is the testimony of it. These retired bureaucrats are good for nothing. The reason why these people join politics is because majority of them are corrupt. Accountability of these people is the only solution if PTI wanna make some inroads in Chitral or else it will be the hardliner religious political parties which will rule the roost again and again taking advantage of the so-called secular parties weaknesses.

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