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  1. Chitrali says

    Sorry for ,to forget to mension I believe only one party head is very honest,good human being,common and community oriented person and sincere in Pakistan now is Sirajul Haq Amir of Jamat e Islami. Although I don’t belong to JI but as a human we should be sincere in evaluation.

  2. Chitrali says

    Any party head of any district should be the most corrupt person. Because all political party heads in Pakistan are most corrupt personals.but this should be the criteria to keep any political positions. After Quid e Azam, can anyone tell if we have any honest, sincere and patriotic political leader or any parliamentarian. Be honest to him or herself.

  3. Sher Wali Khan Aseer says

    We appreciate the decision of the provincial leadership of the APML. Appointment of office bearers of Chitral chapter may be made after proper consultation.It will be more appropriate if the office bearers are elected, or at least selected in a general meeting of the party workers. The Local Bodies Elections 2015 have proved the district leadership a complete failure.

    1. sultan wazir says

      Shahzada Khalid Pervaz is an energetic leader of the APML Chitral Chapter.He is facing allegations of corruption and under investigations of the NAB.No reference has been sent to the Ehtisab Court so far.Unless the matter comes before the court of law and the court decides the matter against him,every brother Chitrali should avoid criticism.He hails from a very respectable family.His father Shahzada Muhyuddin has played a very important role in politics and the development of Chitral.In Pakistan,politicians usually go in and out of prisons.Let us wait and see what the courts decide.Leading a political party is not an easy cup of tea.His party gave better results in the Local Government Elections, in the given situation.It is as good a result as that of the PPP.As a student of law,I can guess that Pervaz will succeed ultimately.

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