Teacher selection through NTS, how to crack the nut?

By Gul Muhammad Afaqi
Elementary and Secondary Education Department KPK has recently advertised various posts in teaching cadre in almost all the districts and Chitral is not an exception. The hallmark of these advertisements is that the tests will be taken through NTS which has its own features – stiffness and efficiency. Education is a crucial sector and recruiting new blood into the same sector through NTS is a good move .NTS has always favored talent and its marvelous test design has always won applauds from all the men of letters across the country.
ntsIn January this year, NTS had conducted test for the same posts. Being part of the test taking team this year and a candidate of C.T teacher in the year 2014, I will try to analyze the approaches of candidates towards the test. It will be followed by a paragraph having suggestions for candidates to do good in the test and the paper will conclude by wishing good luck to the candidate.
Literacy rate in our district is quite better but unfortunately, experts of education hardly find any quality in it. Today the number of university graduates is increasing but quite ironically, their performance fail to meet their needs. Candidates with high degrees, when take part in tests, fail to score marks enough to make their allocation possible in their desired posts. Reason for this fiasco is so many. Some blame the poor and pathetic condition of education in the country while other term various curriculum and syllabus coupled with government negligence responsible for it. As far as my experiences are concerned, I would not hesitate blaming the candidates themselves for not having a culture of preparedness for any sort of tests. They just wait for the lady luck to come and help them. Great philosopher Jefferson has rightly said: “I am great believer in luck and I find that the harder I work the more I have of it.”
In other words, candidates should know that the harder they work the luckier they are. Besides relying on luck factor, many a candidates go to outdated guides in the eleventh hour, which is suicidal. They start cramming for a week or two and thus their attempt ends in failure. There is yet another mentality among candidates who are too pessimistic. They just avoid tests or do not take interest because of the least number of vacant posts. Such type of thinking hardly holds water in real life. Instead, candidates with firm conviction, determination and zeal should remain prepared to face the stark realities of life. In this regard, candidates are given following suggestions, if followed properly, can help achieving one’s target.
First and foremost problem the candidates face is psychological one. They remain in conflict with themselves and are constantly torn between certainty and uncertainty. This gives birth to tension which kills talent. Candidates should avoid such a mindset and attend the test with cool mind.
Secondly, when posts are advertised candidates go to markets and buy guides or material and start cramming all the questions from the guide which ultimately endanger their future. Rather, candidates should study genuine materials. Aspiring for becoming a teacher, they should know much about Pakistan Affairs, Current Affairs, English Grammar and Composition and computer. General Knowledge is also of paramount importance for any sort of test.
Thirdly, candidates should realize that they all have certain shortcoming, which must be hammered out prudently. For instance, candidates with science background find the portion of English and general knowledge difficult. Those who have read subjects of arts and humanity subject, find the portion of science and computer difficult. Candidates graduated from Madessah find everything difficult minus Islamiat and Arabic. It means, all the candidates have certain weak points which must be addressed in right time otherwise nobody will be able to escape the consequences of their sluggishness and idleness.
Fourthly, many candidates lack courage. They are just worried about the gap between the number of number of candidates and the post advertised. Instead of such a myopic vision, approach should be positive. If there is just one post, it should be considered enough because you are just one.
Last but not the least, when the candidates reach the test center they lost their conscious because of tension. They fail to read the questions between the lines and ultimately run out of time. As a result, a number of easy questions remain unaddressed. To overcome this problem, candidates should extensively read English newspapers and other such materials daily because even Islamiat questions are asked in English these days.
In a nutshell, in order to do good in life, changing lifestyle is of utmost importance. This change will not come like a bolt from the blue rather it is an evolutionary process. Smart work, consistency, confidence, courage and determination are agents of change. Very few people are born for great deeds and they live. Majority of people are born to become obscure and they just die.
The writer is a serving C.T teacher in Education Department Chitral and can be reached at guldrosh@yahoo.com

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