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  1. About Shandur and adjacent areas renowned poet of Chitral Mr. Mubarek Khan sang a song on the occasion of Shandur festival in 1982″ Qadima ya ma lasprikan zogh bacholan shall oshoi(Shed for the cattle of Laspur people).

  2. Well done chitrali team,we the chitralis must defend our territories,meadows and pasture..an assault will be repelled by any means necessary..if you go through the books by john bedulf and locart things will be cleared.think over that why GB was so interested in Shandur than a polo mach?chitral is a global symbol of peace,please nurture it and make a strong shield against the viruses…
    Dr karim

  3. the visit of the delegation to Gilgit-Baltistan created doubts in my mind and there might be hundreds of other people who have seen a marked change in the tone and tenor of those who were opposing the controversial MOU. What was the rationale behind visiting the area when the issue of the MOU was not settled. The visiting delegation mostly consisted of people who were initially against the MoU. Secondly, the local press of Gilgit-Baltistan reported that the Chitrali delegation during a function in the presence of the GB caretaker CM appreciated the joint arrangement of the Shandur tournament. If the Chitrali delegation members have said something against the MOU that must not have been understood by their hosts in Gilgit. But I may be wrong but I will wait till the Shandur festival to see how these people take the MOu by then.
    Nadir Khan

  4. The Ghizer district of current GB province belonged to Chitral. It was separated from Chitral by the British in 1897. The people of Chitral should request the GB government to stop making false claims on Shandur and kindly handover Ghizer district back to Chitral.

  5. The stand of the people of Chitral seems well presented by the delgation. Excellent.

  6. Salute to Chitrali delegation for making it clear to our Gilgiti brothers that Shandur is an integral part of Chital. Not only the residents of Laspur are against this MOU but the whole Chitral is against it. The provincial Govt must have taken Chitrali people into confidence before going for it. Now its to late to come up with statements like “CM has not rectified or rectify”.

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