MPA distances himself from Shandur MoU

BOONI, April 29: MPA from upper Chitral Sardar Hussain on Wednesday clarified that he was neither a signatory to the MoU signed between the governments of KP and Gilgit-Baltistan on the holding of the annual Shandur festival nor had even seen the paper. He said he was also not present when the MoU was signed between the two sides. In a clarification sent to ChitralToday, he said that in the conference held in Peshawar he only stressed the government of Gilgit-Baltistan to end their boycott and attend the the annual festival. Mr Hussain said he had been invited to the conference where he presented the historical perspective of Shandur. The MPA said Shandur had never been a disputed area between the people of Chitral and Ghizer. However, on the dispute between the people of the two areas on the ownership of Langar pastures, situated in the east of Shandur in the Ghizer side, he had always the cause of Chitral at different forums for many years. He was of the view that the people of Gilgit-Baltistan should take part in the annual festival in order to make it a big success and also promote the cultural relations with the people of Chitral and Gilgit-Baltistan. He said the regular holding of the festival would also usher in a new era of development and progress on both sides of the Shandur Pass. It would also promote business and employment opportunities for the people of the region, he added.]]>

4 Replies to “MPA distances himself from Shandur MoU”

  1. Sero mulo augh af shokhsitai la MPA sahib. Hanise hish kiagh no boi, ta asel chehra royan prushta hai. Haya mazeed afsusnak ki tu he MoU ar be khabar oshove. What a cheap way to conceal one’s blunder.

  2. Pura dunya ta phutuwan nezitai agreemento anus, ta luoar achi kitcha nisisan, nasha asura kyagh oi.

  3. This man has lost the sense the day he has taken the seat of KP assembly.Records are available what he has said, but now he tries to eat them but he can’t swallow.

  4. LOL @MPA distance him selves hnse kya faida hash korekar
    Shah saib , ispa sa sar mena dari kosian , sa tan ispashur bolan khoshan koreko bajen , ispa gharian di giltak en te bezemtami PTI o gani . Shandur ki Chetraro hisa hes ispa dur , giltik ispa dura menu biti gyani welcome kosi , magam ma dura giti ma korman muji shamil the no bani kya…. Chetrari qaum parast re saf pesa ishtikhawoshoni magam haya halat. hanse tan soro distance no korur , pesa Qaqlasht o scheme ote di nast kerestami magam hanse ate sora di tsarp hotami , he scheme ki hoi ispa daryah kanduri ganda boi khiyal shera ? Diroji oche swati hera tip boni … Magam pesa hokumat o khoshan korur nagan Pervez Khattak khafa boi

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