The mysterious death of another youth

MULKHOW, April 29: The mysterious death of Akhtar Hussain, son of Ashraf Khan of Sherandur Saht in Mulkhow, during the Qaqlasht festival not only spread panic but also mystery among the people of the area. His body was recovered from the riverbed near Morder on Tuesday. ChitralToday has learnt that after receiving his appointment letter, Akhtar was going to Chitral early in the morning when he was probably killed by someone. After a postmortem and initial investigation by the police, the body was buried at his ancestral village. It is pertinent to mention that Akhtar Hussain was the elder son of Ashraf Khan. Ashraf Khan was martyred in the Kargil war when his son Akhtar was about five years old. He was the hope for the widow and other siblings and a lone support for the family. It is the second case of a mysterious death after Bahader Ullah of Charun disappeared last month near Charun, and his death is still an enigma for the family particularly and other people of Chitral generally. It is the high time for the government, police and intelligence agencies to dive deep into the mysterious acts of silent terrorism in Chitral to bring these elements into justice and prevent them settling differences extra judicially. These acts if not investigated properly, may encourage the act of silent and cruel acts of terrorism in the area.]]>

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