Open letter to depts – public & private

It is an open letter to all the heads of public institutions and NGOs in Chitral to control their subordinates during the local government elections. letterIt is not hidden to anyone that most of the public servants and NGO officials are actively involved in local politics. Our political parties have created not only militant wings but also ‘groups of servant-cum-politicians’ during the last four decades. Now, we have teachers-cum-politicians, clerks-cum-politicians, doctors-cum-politicians and police-cum-politicians and so on. The NGOs, whose by-laws claim to be apolitical, have officials with political affiliations. These political activists play a very active role for their parties during elections and become controversial and problematic both for their departments and the local communities. It is high time that the controlling authorities of government and private, non-political institutions, such as, the AKRSP, SRSP, institutions of the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN), Ismaili Councils and Ismaili Tariqa and Education Religious Board, kept their vigilant eye open to check the political activities of their respective subordinates in the coming local bodies’ polls. At the same time, our political leaders should restrain from involving our service providers in the local and national politics, in the best interest of public service. Sher Wali Khan Aseer Yarkhun, Chitral]]>

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