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Students association elects new president

PESHAWAR, April 8: Student of Economics, University of Peshawar, Mr Irfan Ullah become the president of Chitral Students Association for one-year tenure. Mr Irfan Ullah got 233 out of 778 votes. There were six other candidates but Irfan grabbed the highest number of votes. A large number of Chitrali students from different educational institutes participated in the election. After the announcement of the name of the new elected president, Mr Irfan Ullah thanked all the voters and promised to struggle for the rights of the Chitrali students. The other candidates included Mr Fareed Ahmad and Haroon Rashed. They also thanked all the students for their cooperation and time given to the election. A large number of Chirali students cast their votes under the security of the police.–Syed Shahab Uddin]]>

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  1. ihsan ullah says

    He is nice and decent guy and he has a very good and known family background in Reshun chitral. so we should expect that he will work for the better of chitrali students in peshawar without indulge in student politics and any self interest.

  2. syed shahab says

    As it is mentioned that irfan ullah has grabbed highest number of vote ,so we believe that he would do some thing different for the benefit of all chitrali students through out Peshawar and we can proudly say that he is our president.

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