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  1. M. Iqbal says

    Its a nice step taken by so called DPO( District police officer) for maintaining peace , drugs stopping and give the black and white title of Zero tolerance policy for drugs peddling. Irrespective of the full aggression against the drugs users, nervertheless deep rooted the drugs suppliers. Secondly, the term peace and drugs peddling make an unstable combination for law and order situation , thus how can it be justaified for the rest of law interpretors.
    As we have other duties to maintain a moral relationship with the mountain communities either by parts or as a whole, should not be on the base of only social media as well as on electronic media.
    Pakistan is a failing state in many ways, but still its not failed. War on terror is a real challenge for the nation and unfprtunatly make the countary a security state which generate a horror among the masses.
    Therfore, the drugs peddeling should be off camera and keep in top secret of confidential files instead of celebrating the title of zero tolerance policy on HOT FM 97.

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