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PPP announces candidates for Charun UC

BOONI, April 5: The Pakistan People’s Party upper Chitral on Sunday announced the names of its candidates for the slots of nazim and naib nazim, union council Charun. The local government elections are to be held on May 30. SAM_2671The names were announced after a gathering of PPP workers here. The participants of the meeting agreed on the names of Amir Ullah of Reshun as the candidate for the Charun union council nazim and Shamsur Rehman Lal of Booni as the naib nazim. During the meeting presided over by MPA Sardar Hussain, the PPP workers were asked to come up with the names of the candidates. Talking to ChitralToday, MPA Sardar Hussain said that based on its performance the PPP would clean sweep the LG polls in upper Chitral and would elect its own district and tehsil nazims. The MPA said that work on development projects worth Rs.780 million was in progress in different areas of upper Chitral. Besides, he added, other projects worth Rs.4 billion were set to be launched in the area. He said the details of all the development projects would be issued in the form of a white paper very soon.]]>

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  1. Basharat Ali Muluk says

    whatever has been made decision it is on the basis of current political scenario and different ground realities I can infer.A chance was for contesting was right of “Ramdasi”.It is heard that he gave up PPP and contesting independently.Though it seems not good for a party loyal like him to stand against party,anyhow there will be tough competition between Ramdasi and Chief Gazi dada of PTI in the area. PPP still is expected to be the leading party at the end.

  2. Ali Safdar says

    Bhuttowo kor phairu honi magam hami peopli bhuttoism gani ispa kapalo chamaitani.. ju khar candadate azmao biru wa hamit tan votan bezaimi asitani jamat ismali walantain,, ma khialosora hamitan kya chance niki. awa di hamunia pat ppp vote ditiasum magam haya bar awa tan voto tonjeko nobom

  3. Masood says

    Astonished to see ex tehsil nazim to be the naib nazim of a person who didn,t cast his vote in favour of the ppp district nazim candidate in the last local bodies elections.

  4. NS Din says

    i think PPP, while giving the slot to Mr. Amirullah, should have considered his “service”, when he was elected as Union Nazim and jumped into pool of JI and got Mr.Shah elected as District Nazim. This was the biggest blow on the loyalty of PPP and its workers. Why i disapprove his nomination is that i was the person who not only cast his vote in his favor rather i campaign for him during that election but ultimately got my vote sold out.PPP must have thought other stalwarts of PPP like Mr.Ramdasi for the slot as he has been all weather loyal to PPP.
    i must request the incumbent MPA to revisit his decision.
    Although i am not neither supporter of PPP nor wish to cast my vote to PPP even if Ramdasi is chosen for the slot yet it is a free advice to the MPA due to my love for Bhuttoism.

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