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Security situation & private schools in Chitral

Through your esteemed daily, I want to invite the kind attention of the Chief Minister KPK toward a very emergent issue with regards to security of educational institutions, especially in the rural areas, against terrorist threats. sherThe Police Department has been pressing hard the heads of schools and colleges to ensure foolproof security in their respective institutions. So far the government institutions are concerned, the Elementary and Secondary and Higher Education departments are responsible for provision of funds for the purpose, but the private institutions have no such provision because of the fact that there had been no need of security in our peaceful societies. Even the governments of the past had no such idea which is proven when we see that more than 75% of our boys schools have, still no boundary walls. It is considerable that some members of the civil society, who have established private schools/colleges, are being contributing to the well being of the society by providing quality education on very meager income, hardly meeting recurring expenditures. In fact 95% of these institutions are running as non-profit organizations. They had no planning against the terrorism when they planned for establishment of educational institutes. Now, the pressure of government for proper security arrangement is surely, not justified. We have the right to ask the government : Is not the security of life, honor and property of all the citizens the sole responsibility of Our State? Are the students and staff of private schools and colleges having no equal rights in our Constitution? On what grounds the government holds the heads of educational institutions responsible for security of students and staff? The educators are imparting education and that is their actual duty, while security must and should be the sole responsibility of our security agencies for which they have been established. It is also true that the government can’t provide police contingent to every institution but they can provide funds to both the government and private schools/colleges without discrimination for this purpose. Our present situation requires emergency arrangements and therefore, the Government of KPK may kindly direct concerned Education Foundations of KPK to provide funds to the private educational institutions as Grant-in-Aid, keeping aside their exhausting procedure so that they could do what the government have laid down security standard for them. Sher Wali Khan Aseer (Rtd Principal RITE, Haripur) Director Quaid-e-Azam Model Degree College,Bang, Yarkhun, Chitral.


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