Political force to bring change will rise from mountains: Musharraf

Former president Pervez Musharraf said a change, not the status quo, was the destiny of Pakistan. He called upon the people to be ready for bringing a change, saying a vibrant nation brings change while dormant people always bear the brutalities of status quo.

Speaking to a gathering of Chitralis at the Marriott Hotel in Karachi, Musharraf said the political force which he declared was the need of the hour would rise from the mountains. “The platform for bringing a change to the political landscape of the country will start from the mountains as mountain people are brave and faithful,” he said in an obvious reference to the people of Chitral and Gilgit-Baltistan. [box type=”info”]Soon after the speech of Gen Musharraf, folk artists from Chitral mesmerized the crowd with “Musharrafo Khidmath, Jannat Gheritai ma Chetrar.” song. The moment the flute artists started the tune, the former military general was left with no option but to jump onto the stage along with his supporters to dance. 

The chant of jeye Musharraf by the crowd throughout his 40-minute speech forced the former military ruler to say: “Today, you people have boosted my confidence and let me reiterate it’s only you [people] who once again gave me the courage. If people like you are with me I don’t care about the rest of the things.” About the poor performance of the government and its step-motherly treatment with the people of Chitral, especially the delay in the construction of the Lowar tunnel, Musharraf said $50 billion were eaten up by the government so far but the ratio of development in the country remained zero. “Hundreds of Lowari tunnels could have been constructed with such a huge amount of $50 billion but things will remain the same and the robbers will keep on looting the resources unless a third force is created. We must get rid of these rulers,” he added. He recalled that when he was holding power Pakistanis left their mark in every country with their chest out, adding but the successive governments have distorted the image of the country, forcing our people to hide their faces.

About his disqualification from contesting elections from Chitral, he said he wanted to contest elections from Chitral and Karachi but was barred to atke part in 2013 elections. “If you cannot get justice in an Islamic country likePakistan, that country is not worth calling an Islamic state,” he lamented. He vowed to take revenge from those who barred him from contesting elections by imposing a lifetime ban on him, saying it’s the masses who will decide whether Musharraf is Sadiq and Amin or those sitting at helm of affairs. “If a man like me is unable to get justice, what to talk of a ordinary citizen. We must stand up to rectify this flawed system,” he lamented. At present, the socio economic condition of Pakistan, he added, is going from bad to worse as nothing is being done for welfare of the people while money is being spent in billions. About the growing militancy and extremism, he stressed the need to root out the menace collectively, adding if the government had the vigour and the will, nothing is impossible and the country could overcome this bloodshed in the name of Islam. He called upon the people to decide whether they still want to try people who failed to deliver despite being third time in power.

He said that the constitution is not the holy Quran and it is man-made documents which must be re-written for bringing much needed reforms. “I’m saying all this for people, for betterment of Pakistan and I don’t care whether some one likes it or not as for me, the thing which matters is Pakistan…Pakistan first,” the general maintained. The crowed welcomed him with heart and soul, forcing him to say: “I delivered a long speech which is because of your sentiments and love for me…I’m sure you people have awakened and the rulers, who have no respect for rule of law, will be wiped out with the power of people”. He also pledged to visit Chitral and said that he was the only leaders who had undertaken several visits to Chitral and Gilgit-Baltistan. At the end, the general particular thanked the women who attended the function in a good number, saying: “I apologize my sisters for forgetting to acknowledge their presence here who are here in a good number for which I’m grateful.” Musharraf was received at the Marriott by the elders of Chitral.

The general was given a standing ovation when he reached among his supporters. The atmosphere of the hall turned into a gala by slogans of Pervez Musharraf Zindabad. The general is in an excellent mood and feeling at home among his supporters and fans from Chitral. The unique thing which the people have been missing since long is Pervez Musharraf’s unique salute style. The general won the hearts and minds of his supporters who shouted Musharraf Zindabada slogans the moment the general reciprocated with his ‘trademark salute’. They people present inside the hall said that the general is waving to the crowed from time to time in a happy mood, completely forgetting his small ailments and petty wrangling with the government due to politically fabricated cases against him. The countdown is over. The convoy of former president Gen Pervez Musharraf has left for Marriott Hotel to meet his supporters after a long interval.


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  1. What Gen. Musharraf has done for Chitral, no one else could do for it. No doubt the people of Chitral love him. I think if he is allowed to contest the general elections, it will be the best choice to contest from Chitral. He will win hands down.
    Let us see what happens. They want to stop him at all costs from entering into politics. Politics should not become forbidden for him, or for anybody else. He has served the country well as the President, and worked tirelessly to make its defense impregnable and invincible.
    He is a hero of Kargil War. We should make a commission on the Kargil Issue to clear the mist shrouding it. Expose the political leadership which backed out from the mission.

  2. Yes, Dr. sahib some of our brothers/ friends do not care by hurting our feelings and breaking our hearts. We have no choice except tolerance keeping heavy stones on our hearts.

  3. It was strange to see Mr Shehzada Sikandar Ul Mulk giving company to Musharraf. You may remember that in last election Shahzada Sikandar used his energy to defeat APML candidate. But now when Haji Ghulam Muhammad left APML, Mr Sikandar came to ground to take sympathy of Musharraf so that in coming election he could secure the seat. I do not understand, whether it shows his loyalty with Musharraf or is just for vested interest. If it is just for the personal interest then we will never support the hijackers. Finally I appeal to APML kindly throw out such opportunists from the party. We have seen that the present MNA has taken vote using the name of Musharraf but now he is prone toward Nawaz Sharif but it is isolate question that Mian sahab do not give him importance. We had given vote only to Musharraf not to Nawaz Sharif. When Musharraf was in high misery this Mr MNA had never raised voice neither in parliament nor he conducted any protest inside Chitral.

  4. Two friends were going to bazar in a rainy season. One of them was wearing glasses of blue colour and the other was without glasses. While walking the friend with glasses looked towards the sky and said “look, the weather is totally changed and sky is much clear.” The other friend said, “yar take off your glasses and see the sky with naked eyes, and also observe the droplets which are falling on your hair and clothes.”
    Like the above situation our friends like Gul Aman, ( Gulgi), Hameed Ali and Irshad, see the reality wearing glasses coloured with prejudges, these glasses do not allow them to see the real picture, and keep them away ground realities.

  5. @Irshad, Gul, Obaid & Hameed:
    Kindly keep your misguided and desperate ideas with you for good. The fact is that we the people of Chitral love Pervez Musharraf and will continue to do so. What Mr. Musharraf has done for Chitral by constructing 8.9 KM road tunnel could never have been possible without his love for Chitrali people and could never have been made possible by any successive governments in Pakistan. Look, even after the passage of seven years after Musharraf none of the so-called democratic governments have bothered to lessen the yearly ordeal of pain of the people of Chitral in travelling through the incomplete tunnel. During the five years rule of PPP work on tunnel remained stopped for 8 months of the year but in order to befool the people traffic through the tunnel was hampered during the winter due to which people suffered and are still suffering due to the delay in the completion of the project. And look at the cost of delaying the progress of the project which has raised its actual cost to many folds till now. To all of you who have any misgivings of the extent of the work which has been done in constructing this huge road tunnel just imagine the severity of the circumstances, while you are half way through the tunnel in winter season, had the tunnel not been undertaken by Pervez Musharraf either you would have been languishing in the shabby hotels while waiting for flights or your arsehole would have frozen to death while attempting to cross the Lowari Pass! So, must think before you leap and never bring up your damn narratives of the so-called geo-strategic importance type of nonsense to us. Where had been hibernating your hell importance de strategique for that long period of time? To hell with the reality of democracy currently in-placed in Pakistan, we do not need such kind of democracy. We are fed up with unjust political system, politicians and their utter nonsense lies! The support and loyalties of Chitralis have always been with the brave armed forces of Pakistan and, last but not least, with General retired Pervez Musharraf for his all time and unwavering support, love and acknowledgement for the peacefulness and beauty of the people of Chitral.

  6. Befooling the poor Chitralis. He can never contest elections from Chitral due to his hundreds of pending cases and mafias will succeed to get the votes of the poor Chitralis in his name. Then with a single seat in the assembly Chitralis will suffer as they are suffering now. What a dilemma.God help us.

  7. Mr Musharraf we glad that finally you come to the point that “Taqat ka Sarchsma Awam Hay”This was the motto and slogan of the late Saheed Prime Minister Z.A Bhutto when he founded a political party in 1967,yes His party is still in the government fallowing and practising the idea ,vision and philosophy of the Quaid -e- Awam. This is first time you agree after 13 year of your dictatorship in the country that “that people will decide who is Amin and Sadiq”. Mr Musharraf but this idea never come to you and you never practice this terminology when you lead a coup in 1999 against an elected Government and placed an elected Prime Minister in a house arrest later on in Jail.
    Mr Musharraf we would remind you little bit more when you declared a state emergency in Nov.3 2007 and suspended the unanimously adopted Constitution of 1973 of Pakistan,you suspended the Chief Justice of Pakistan in March 9,2007 on useless ground ,You make a way clear to attacked the Mosque and killed many innocents people in Islamabad,You placed in House arrest the father of Pakistani nuclear facilities, you are still involved and cases are in the courts for murdering the Balouch leader and Benazir Bhutto.These are a few I mention here but the list is long and the hatred is deep among the people of Pakistan regarding Musharraff. you never think and even ask about this that people will decide about Amin and Sadiq.you never being Amin and Sadiq in your promises and acts in 13 years and the people of Pakistan already decided about you therefore you out and bold from the political environment and will never again join this field like your fallow dictators Zia,Ayoub,and Yahya.
    This is the current Wikipedia report” that 64 percent of Pakistanis hate Musharraf because of his controversies involving atomic issues,Lal Masjid,Kargil Issue,Suspension of Chief Justice and Benazir Bhutto case”
    Mr Musharff how can you saying that you will bring change in Pakistan starting from the mountain region (Chitral -Gilgit Baltistan)What a non scene and stupid thinking and idea of this, you knew already that your party’s only one member through out Pakistan (from Chitral ) defeated from PPP candidate and later on he joined JUI recently.This is vary clear political situation of your so called political party, and your National level party organizer joined MQM a year ago.so you are still in a dream Mr Musharaff.
    I respect and admire all my beloved Brothers and Sisters Chitralies in Karachi for their good hospitality and gesture for the Dictator.They proved that all Chitral is a home of peace, hormone, brotherhood and sisterhood.There is no place of safety for the dictator even in his own house in Baney Gala but he is safe and in peace among Chitralis. This is our maternal and unique Chitrali culture and human behaviour but remember Mr Musharraff we are vary sensitive and political people we never ever give you political favour if you not change your dictatorial behaviour.

    1. Ow no, plz don’t break the hearts of innocent Chitralis. Comments like these against our beloved ‘saddar’ is totally inflammatory and not based on justice. What he did for Chitral Almighty knows. Plz do justice, my humble request to Gul Jee and others.
      A Karim Booni

  8. ‘Moorha warain’. What change did he bring in his 9 years of absolute power? Embraced the very corrupt politicians against whom he had seized power. Wanted to become a politician in uniform and rightly miserably failed in that. In the bargain degrading the army.’kawa chala jub hans ki chaal, apni chaal bhi bhool gaya’.

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