Strict security checking causes traffic gridlocks at Mirkhani

MIRKHANI (CHITRAL), Feb 14: Due to strict checking at the Mirkhani checkpost, hundreds of people coming from different parts of the country to Chitral remained stranded for hours. It may be noted that the under-construction tunnel opens on every Saturday and Sunday during which there is a rush of people on the route. Talking to ChitralToday from Mirkhani, our correspondent Munir Hussyn Fatimi said, “It is 8pm and we are still waiting in long queues of vehicles at the Mirkhani checkpost. We don’t know when we reach Chitral but after 9pm we would not be able to get rooms in any hotel at Chitral town.” He said the road was clear but snow was melting fast at daytime making the road muddy. He said a Datsun carrying rice to Chitral slipped near the tunnel on Chitral side but no one was injured. He said that transport drivers were resorting to overtaking inside the tunnel which may lead to a mishap if not controlled by the police or other departments.]]>

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