Chitrali religious leaders meet in Karachi

KARACHI, Feb 1: Ulema Rabita Committee Chitral, Karachi chapter, held a meeting at Madressa Imam Muhammad in Sohra Goth Karachi in which a large number of scholars and religious leaders participated. maulanaThe meeting was also attended by general secretary JUI Chitral, Maulana Abdul Shakoor, on special invitation. Dr Younus Khalid, the chief of the Ulema Rabita Committee, in his welcome adderss highlighted the objectives of the committee and the meeting. Speaking on the occasion, Maulana Shakoor briefed the participants about the JUI Chitral and also responded to different questions by the participants. He said JUI Chitral was the biggest political party as regard to the number of its ideological workers and it (JUI) cannot be ignored in any important matter concerning Chitral. In the end, shields were presented to Maulana Shakoor and finance nazim Karachi Maulana Hidayatur Rehman. Those who also attended the meeting included Maulana Nazirul Haq, Maulana Sher Azim, Maunala Muhammad Ali, Mufti Sher Muhammad, Maulana Nisar Ahmed, Maulana Mukhtar Ahmed, Rehmat Nadir, Molvi Muhibur Rehman (chief of JTI) and other Chitrali Ulema living in Karachi.—Report by Muhammad Ali]]>

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