While in China, don’t do what the Chinese do


By Qari Usama Javed Chitrali A couple of days ago, one of my friends, who is pursuing medical education at the Chifeng University of China, came to meet me after a long time. Since last year, we have observed that many students having interest in medical field are going to China for becoming doctors because they say it is the cheapest compared to Pakistan’s private medical colleges. qariAccording to one ratio, male and female students are having equal interest in going to China. In Pakistan, for taking admission to government institutes, you have to get through a tough procedure. Some students, who can afford to pay over 1.2 million of rupees, take admission in private medical colleges. In China, according to my friend, if you have 300,000 rupees you can get a medical degree. During our meeting , my friend also told me different things about life in China which forced me to write and inform our elders to find a solution to the issues. Firstly, he told me that some of our students in China did bad things which always hurt the people’s feeling there. He told me many incidents but I will share some of them with the readers. He said the students were there from well-off families but they always tried to steal things or do cheap activities, like stealing plates from hostel mess, shoe stealing etc. He said there were small shops selling candies, there was a box in which you have to put money and get candies but our Pakistani students never steal candies but always open the box and get the money out of that. He also told me that he met a student from KP and during a conversation the KP student said he came to the university on foot but go back to his hostel on a bicycle every day. So my friend thought he might be getting lift from someone. When he asked the guy how he did that, the KP fellow said he stole any cycle which he found unlock to go back from university. Besides, he was also habitual of hooting in the class, disturbing the teachers and also made midnight noise in the hostel when the students were sleeping. His ‘achievements’ didn’t end here. My friend said the biggest issue with the students in China arose at right. He said the Chinese women easily got attracted to our students mostly because they liked big eyes. As sex is nothing bad for them, it is just a fun, so it is spoiling our youth along with drinking and other bad activities. He told me many other things but I don’t know how to describe them but I think that is enough to say about the situation in which our students were in China. We are Muslims and belong to Pakistan, we all know action speaks louder than words, what we do we describe our country and our religion. Once a Chinese student asked a Pakistani student is sex with any other girl allowed in allowed in Islam? This is a big question mark on us? What we are doing? Why we are doing? We are cheating our parents, those we can’t imagine how they arrange this all for us, and what will be the image of the country in front of the others? With my ending words, I just want to say that don’t be the one to betray your own country. It is also duty of parents to teach them the basics of society and Islam, respect to others, and I will say to the students what you do that we do(according to them), with these type of thing might be they close the gated to education for the other students, and this will make you internationally defame in front of other nation. Don’t lose your respect for that small pleasure which also causing you to be categorize as a sinner be safe, start studying Islam and be patriotic to your country.]]>

  1. M. Iqbal says

    Mr.Hakeem, Mr Haider and all those Mr/Mrs its not amazing what’s Qari Usama detailed his information in a great detail without any authentic sources but its really shocking and amazing regarding your detail information and answer about Qari Usama as well as China. Taking the China first, friend of Pakistan, place of hard working people and leading economic state of Asia in present and will lead the rest of world in future. Let I agree about the words about China, but tell me one thing ,ever all of you buy any thing on which a single statement is written that is “Made in China”. Obviously never because we know the hard working and quality of China exports to Pakistan. Just like that those student in china getting there medical or any other degree will labelled as ‘Made in China’. Then will you buy them and keep them in your institutions. China never sent us quality goods and exports. Logically Usama Qari without any proof is correct but morally I will never support his statement. While on the other hand morally Mr. Hakeem is correct but his statement and answers regarding Qari sahib and China is illogical.

  2. Ava Tan says

    The title itself is too funny
    If we do half of what Chinese people do we wouldn’t be suffering the way we are
    You guys always dig to find the negative aspects of others, grow up change your mentality and see the positive stuffs which are way higher than the negatives
    Also don’t judge people on what one person tells you , do some research before posting these type of hatred and un necessary posts
    Thank you

    1. qarichitrali says

      bro i have own visited there and i know all the situation and many of sites like europe USA KSA UAE and most part of asia and that was just want to share because it is negligence of our elders not guiding them with proper way
      but i cant change the view of yours because you are thinking in your own way

  3. Muhammad Hakim says

    Squaloring description of Usama Javed severely shocked my heart:
    I am a Muslim and I am proud to be a Muslim, also I am proud to be a Pakistani living among the Chinese nation.I consider that I am a luckiest man that I am living among those nation who are getting up early in the morning and go to bed after evening quickly.It was the way of Muslims but they have adopted and practicing well than comparing to us.I am saying sorry my innocent Pakistani students who are living in China as student,please excuse me to reply late to Qari sahab.
    I shall reply in three or four parts of the description of the Qari sahab. Because he has indicated toward many things, which have been listened by the Qari sahib from one of his dedicated friend that this friend especially nominated to collect such information that cause to make trouble and severely resist the right chosen path of those students who are living in China as a ambassador and getting medical and engineering educations.
    My Chitrali Qari sahib I think you are like me have narrow mind so you quickly effected and influenced by the words of one of your friends.But I surprised to see your psychology and feeling that you are so innocent that without any research you described such information which never can be seen in China,because China is such country that the Chinese nation have no time to sit free and 24 hoarsely the Chinese nation working to develop and make super power in the map of the world and nearly some years we will insha Allah see that China will be the advanced and powerful nation of the world.
    I think you have not studied the surat Hujraat……please read and study then take up your pen to write something against Pakistani students and Chinese nation,I am not agreed with your suggestions because Alhamdulillah there are a lot of students practicing their praying and studying from any sources.the Chinese people so love to our Pakistani students you can not imagine that how they respect the students.I love very much Chinese nation because the Chinese nation granted me such opportunity that I will be a doctor in near future,i a near to graduate it is the result of the cooperation of Chinese government which made possible to bright my future.
    Qari sahib I have written your words in my note book and some squaloring words made me very sad,it is not true that what you have listened but never saw,and quickly fired missile against those things which are unreal.
    1…Who says there in China medical degree is easily bought in 30,0000 in lump sum.
    2….Do you know or ever have been watched the websites of different medical schools,and methodologies,laboratories and skill of education.
    3….Why you so fast took action after listen from only one student,but Allah says in surat Hujraat. the man who is back biting is like that man who is eating the meat of his brother death body.Also says first inquiry that it is true or false.
    4…..You say that there are Pakistani students are stealing the plates.
    5….You write about sex in china.
    If you have any doubt you can communicate with me I will assure you what do you know or what you have known wrong.
    Now let me to present before you and the Pakistani nation about the front page and transparent aspects of the students and environment of beautiful China and developed China.
    The summary will be given shortly and within law and rules which will be accepted bilaterally and also by common readers.
    Answer 1…..there is destruction for those who are telling a lie(my dear Qari it is false and untrue that there in china medical degree can be obtained in 30,0000 Rs)so in Pakistan why not every person can not buy this degree easily.
    Answer 2..this is the modern age and era here nothing is invisible you just try to see your this answer from Google and also you can see the ranking of the medical colleges of china in the world directory,if the college is not fulfill the criteria given by WHO,how possible its degree will be accepted from different medical councils.
    Answer.3…..Why you used your bright and skillful ability without inquiry,it is not true because you violate the right of other,brother Qari sahib please do not mind I salute your feeling not your action because you are keeping pain in your heart for Pakistani students instead to blame some one if you would give your suggestion in better way was very effective to change the condition of students for both of this world and the coming world.
    Answer..4..You have mentioned that Pakistani students are stealing plates and candies,it is not suitable with you to show your students as low but it is uncommon thing because here the technology is so advanced that there is no chance to do so,yes if some one have friends and he is cheating his friend and his friend is loyal to him can not say anything due to respect him,otherwise such kinds of students are expelled backed to their countries even he belongs to the super power country, USA. When some one is caught to stealing something once time can be deported and is written against the students that the continuation of his remaining academic years will not be accepted by any other university throughout the world.
    Answer ..5..You are expressing about free sex in China,it is wrong,absolutely wrong,my dear brother every where in any place and any part of the world there are some unmoral activities are happening but it is not true that some one can easily say that there is this one.We are dedicated and devoted friends and we are good friends we know our weakness and our need,we should respect our bilateral nation it is not suit that every person comes and write something without any true information that my one of my friends told me this one and this,it shows our low mentality and low standard thinking which always makes us bad before the nation of the world,you should do something about those may be you have not studied about the situation of one university which was happened among the teachers and female students inland not in china,what you have done against this.
    I love to china ,china is my best favorite country in the world because here is sleeping one of the caliph of my prophet Muhammad s a w w..in Guanzhu city,also if we follow the rules and regulation of Chinese nation then we can quickly develop like them in the world.
    Dear qari sahib please if you have any misinformation in your brain should not intimate those who are giving you misinformation.
    Alhamdulillah I had prayed my evening prayer in jamaat and listened some words about the real aspects of Islam.
    you addressed all of us.
    But remember that your friend is not true.
    he has no right to say something against all.
    Every one has right to say something,but it is not that you target to all.
    Thank You.

  4. Haider Umair says

    Never mind Qari sahib, people would like you to share your own experiences, more preferably about your National Youth Assembly activities, instead of learning about China – or rather, an exaggeration to someone’s “Langar-Gup”.

  5. Rehmat Hussain says

    Qari sb China Ko Choro Pakistan ki baat karo , yahan kya nehe hota , apko bohut bholey lagtey , Pakistan kya purey aalim e Islam , Pakistan ke har sheher bashamul Chitral mein har burayi hoti hai . Faraq ye hai ki wahan khuley aam hota hai yaha parde ke ander. Is masley ka hal ye hai ki shadi ko asan banaya jaye, larkey jab 18 sal ke aur larkian 16 sal ki hon to unki shadi karadi jaye. 30 , 35 sal tak intizar karney waley mard 100 mein se sirf 20 percent hongey… Es hamam mein sarey nangey hen Qari sb choro en baton ko…

  6. Sabir khan says

    Bhai such tou ye hai k dunia me koi aisi burai nahi reh gye hai jo hamary Pakistani logon ne nahi kia ho,, China se lekar America tk jitne b Pakistani hain, mushkil se 20% sahi raste per chal rehe hain baqi sub apni aoqat bhool chuke hain,,, me muluk se bahir rehta hon or such bataon that im disappointed about Pakistanis. Sub gumrah ho gaye hain, just pray that Allah guide them towards Siratul Mustaqim…

  7. imrancl says

    Instead of this far fetched idea and that too based on a hearsay, better write on local issues particularly something related to Chitral. You can share the experience of the guy who is source information here: like how he went to China, what difficulties he faced, how much in total he spent on his education, and what according to him is the quality of Medical education in China etc. It will help many in a great way.
    As far as we know, China has strict discipline code and someone doing these kind of stupid things will simply be thrown out of the country.

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