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Salim Khan hits back!

ISLAMABAD, Jan 8: The incumbent member provincial assembly from lower Chitral and former minister for population welfare Salim Khan of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) on Thursday stuck to his guns, saying Ghulam Muhammad must proceed with his legal notice if he is ‘man enough’. Saleem_Khan_MPA_Chitral_1Talking to ChitralToday on phone from Peshawar in response to allegations leveled against him by former MPA Ghulam Muhammad, he said it was a well-thought-out conspiracy to malign him through the baseless charges. He claimed that the day was not far when Ghulam Muhammad would be exposed as the anti-corruption department had already registered an FIR against him after large scale corruption worth Rs2,800,000 was proved against him in the construction of government girls degree college, Booni. “An FIR has already been registered against Haji Sahib but it’s his good luck that he managed to obtain a bail before arrest (BBA) from Darul Qaza, Swat. But the magnitude of corruption is so big that he cannot escape,” he alleged. He said the corruption committed by the former MPA in the district food department was not a secret to people and the smuggling of wheat to Afghanistan will also haunt him in days to come as he has robbed the people of their rights. “The way he used to get tenders in connivance with the food department is an open secret for which the other contractors have suffered a lot and some of them even went to courts against him. A huge quantity of wheat was spoiled by fungus after it was kept lying in godowns for so many years and now it’s going to be destroyed as it’s no more consumable,” he added. The PPP MPA also rejected the allegations that he built a house in Sinlasht, saying it was owned by his elder brother Mubarak Shah, a US citizen, currently doing a lucrative business in Tampa, Florida. “It’s really disgusting to see him (Ghulam Muhammad) leveling such cheap allegations that I’ve owned a house in Chitral, a new vehicle and what not…The house I stay in Peshawar is owned by my elder brother (Mubarak Shah) and the one in Chitral (Sinlasht) is also built by him.” About the vehicle in his personal use, a corolla car worth Rs1600,000, he said he had purchased it by getting loan from Bank of Khyber, adding if there was any other secret which Haji Sahib wanted to disclose, he was most welcome. Salim Khan said he would quit politics if a single person from Chitral or any other place comes forward accusing him of getting a job by greasing his palms. “The PPP was almost wiped out throughout Pakistan but it was Chitral where it clinched two seats that showed the people’s confidence in local leadership,” he maintained. The PPP lawmaker maintained that the way Ghulam Muhammad leveled baseless allegations against him after he lost all hope for making mark in future politics, left him with no option but to take the course of law. The former MPA is groping in dark after he faced humiliation at hands of a PPP jiyala in recounting of votes last year, Salim added, he has resorted to such filthy tactics to malign him in baseless corruption scandals without any proof and this was the reason have betrayed Pervez Musharraf despite being elected twice using his name. “I could not go to such lowest stoop that I’d Mercedes Benz and a land cruiser, etc. Someone had even does not have a cycle. I have a family background which compels me not to breed hatred and perhaps this was the reason people elected me twice because I served my people with full dedication and honesty. I don’t feel ashamed because  I’m representative of poor masses and would love serve them as much as I can,” he declared.]]>

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  1. Khairuddin Shadani says

    It all needs a bold investigation. All of these stakeholders running away from.
    Ghulam Muhammad is one of them. These are just engaging the masses in drama. But forgetting that 21 century will not let them go free.
    Corrption is the base of all evils in our society. But who will stand for it. Except a few journalists. The rest all in the same loop.
    Police, DCO, MNAs, MPAs,EDOS,Heads of NGOs all the same. Nothing to work. There is not writ of law.

  2. Zhanoyar Khan says

    Both of these gentlemen should be deported to Afghanistan.


    MASHALLAH ispa sn d bo xibak roe asak birani …elcetion commission report lolaur brar ganyan atera salim khan ha dura tan ma dur ran hanisen maniko tan tyar tan no ke has ma re shame

  4. Syed Ali Raza says

    Chitral today is a well reputed News Paper unfortunately now some immature reporters are trying to make it “Masala News Paper”. Such reports will only create differences among our political elite and also the general masses. I request Chitral Today management to stop publishing such rebuttals and direct its reporters not to contact law makers for rebuttals against each other. To be honest its very immature and the educated masses are not interested in such news.

  5. ISRAR says

    Mr Wali the house in Peshawar in which saleem khan is living had been bought by his elder brother back in 1990’s we all know that,secondly you should bear in mind that Mr.Mubarak Shah is financialy much stable than saleem khan.The reason behind this is not saleem khan,Mubarak shah is well educated person and has good business in America.i think building two houses is a simple thing for Mubarak shah.

  6. wali ahmed says

    Hahaah what a joke. Ta brar ta siyasata gikar pushti kura property savzayko no biti astai wa tu mpa biko hani Paisa kurar alai…chitraliyan bawakoof no savza ispa di hanisay politically mature biti asusi kiya….sahi ghalt o tayun koko bosiyn kiya…ta sar GM lakh behtar atleast hasay siyasata giti ameer no biti asur….its my jumble request to shut ur mouth otherwise u will loose ur respect infront of chitralis…

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