PML-N leader says funds for Chitral approved on Amir Muqam's request

BOONI, Jan 8: Former MPA and PML-N Chitral president Saeed Ahmed here on Thursday said the worlekers and the local leaders of the ruling party were thankful to the prime minister and part’s provincial leader and adviser Amir Muqam for approving Rs.3.42 billion for the re-launching of the Booni-Buzund (Torkhow) and Booni-Shandur road projects. saeedTalking to ChitralToday here, he said on the persistent demands of the PML-N Chitral, Amir Muqam took personal interest in the re-launching of the two stalled road projects in upper Chitral and requested Federal Minister for Planning and Reforms Ahsan Iqbal to get the funds approved from the prime minister. He said the MNA Chitral and the PPP Wale should try to serve the people by utilizing their own capabilities because the time to claim credit and hijack projects approved by the federal government on the demands of others had gone. The PML-N leader said such a huge amount of Rs.3.42 billion is never approved by any government on the phone call of any politician or holding a meeting by any MNA with a few officials in a closed room. For this, one needs to keep in touch with the federal government through a party leader such as Amir Muqam for over a year, he added. Mr Ahmed said the MNA was trying to give the impression to the public that he was representing both Nawaz Sharif and Pervez Musharraf at the same time. He said this showed the MNA’s political immaturity. He claimed that the PML-N had a strong vote bank in Chitral and the PML-N federal government would announce more projects for the valley to enhance its popularity here. He said the allocation of Rs.6 billion a year for the Lowari tunnel, sanctioning of funds for the Golen Gol and the two stalled road projects in Chitral were the proof of Nawaz Sharif’s love for the people of Chitral.]]>

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    I think saeeed sb may be he is still sleepy? wake up wake up…no more Ganja party (PMLN) alive any more in chitral. im sure every chitrali should be agree with me. some time u ppl saying good joke. whatever u said, it should be best joke of the year.u think ganja has strong vote bank in chitral? hahah mr saeed i think in voting box ganja will get only ur vote nothing else. i dont think so that ur family member support u too.

  2. PMLN has nothing to do in Chitral. The results in the last elections where it stood last among the independent candidates speaks volumes of the popularity of the party and the leaders.

  3. Wow ! Our bear just woke up from hibernation. Good to know that Saeed sb you are still active enough that when you hear some thing happening , you take credit of it. While whole Chitrali nation specially those who are using social media are aware of the developments and activities of MNA this claim of yours is nothing else but just a gesture to take credit of it. Please stop taking credit of projects which are initiated by others . Dont ruin some ones hard work. The MNA had been approaching offices from Islamabad to Peshawer, meeting authorities, sharing updates with public and at the end when approval comes out , Sardar Hussain says he managed to get it approved from Khursheed Shah , Saeed Ahmed says he approached Amir Muqam .Where were you guys till now. Saeed Ahmed might claim credit for the 1st phase of Torkhow Road worth 32 crore which was approved by former government on request on then MNA Shahzada Muhiuddin. And be clear there is no vote bank of Nawaz Sharif in Chitral , even your own Torkhow has rejected you ,better work to build your image such lies wont help you .

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